Friday, October 26, 2012

Letter to Baby | 3.12

I'm just finishing up week 12 of pregnancy #3.
Feelin cute, feelin loved, feelin stressed, but when am I not? (the stressed part...not the cute part ;])

Trying something new with this series, haven't perfected it, but we'll see how it goes :]
I guess it's time I add a new page for this little one's pregnancy! This is where you can follow this pregnancy's series :]

So, this week:
I craved sushi, mainly just the fish. I wanted raw salmon pretty much every day, and husband finally went and bought some for me and made sushi/sashimi for us last night, YUM!
I weaned Norah...which meant I ate...ahem...a ton of crap that I haven't been able to eat in over a year, and I'll just go ahead and say I'm pretty much over that! I felt my mood change, my skin just felt awful to be in, my stomach...oh stomach... It was not pretty people. I would totally be up for a stomach pump and colon cleanse after that...never again. Will hopefully get to the doctor soon to see what really is and isn't off limits this pregnancy to make sure #3 doesn't have a ton of allergies like another little Burke Baby I know.
I hadn't gained any weight until I trashed my diet, so there's strike two for eating Papa John's and butter chicken (BUT EHRMUHGAH, butter chicken...WHO KNEW!?)
I started having pain in my soaz for the first time! Didn't have it with either pregnancy, but this time it's super noticable. I'm working with my uhmazing yoga instructor on pain managment and that's helped a lot. *May* even be going twice a week.

"This morning we got our first bit of cozy cold and I wanted to snuggle up with you so badly. Lily is in love with you and tells everyone about her "Baby Brudder" so I apologize in advance if you are another little lady. I really got myself worked up this week thinking about the possibility of having another baby with severe food allergies, which gave me extra incentive to take care of us these next 30 weeks. I also realized that if you follow the same 41 week pattern that your sisters have, you may make your entrance on Mother's Day! That would be a sweet surprise indeed.
All my love,