Friday, December 31, 2010

5, 4, 3, 2, What are you waiting for!?

Another New Year's Eve is here. And while last NYE I did set out some specific craft goals, I resolved to not make any "resolutions". However, there were some things that I'd say I'd work on throughout the year. So before we take a dive into next year, here's what I can confidently say I did this year:

  • Read the Bible more
  • Made a quilt
  • Prayed a LOT more
  • Potty trained Lily [during the day]
  • Lost 20 pounds [ know, before I got pregnant]
  • Made a baby

The things I want to do this year are quite simple, but not necessarily easy.

  • Make sure my friends know how much I appreciate them
  • Start Pre-School material with Lily after Baby comes
  • Keep up with my Home Planning folder better
  • Potty train Lily at night.
  • Get down to 155 lbs by the end of the year [I CAN DO IT!]
  • Do this devotional with Eamon. [I'm reading a Sacred Marriage right now, SO good!]
  • Find a church where I can feel Jesus again.
  • And of course, meet this little person ;]

Be safe tonight, everyone!
I look forward to sharing 2011 with you all!


Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

The past week has been magical, full of baking and stewing, and canning. Sewing Lily's Christmas present, rejoicing in our Savior.

Today will be full of baking cookies, and making sure we have everything we need before all of the stores are closed :] And teaching Lily that flour + water does not = tasty snack...just glue ;]

I just wanted to take a minute to say Merry Christmas to my fellow bloggers. Please, enjoy this beautiful season with your family and give thanks for the birth of Our King!!!

For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace (Isa. 9:6).

Merry Christmas!!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas, Christmas time is here...

For the record, The Chipmunks are the worst thing to happen to Christmas...ever

So what did Mae decide to do with her hair...

Oh, you know....


I'm BEYOND thrilled with it and couldn't be happier. Katie, you're amazing

Here's what happened. In the midst of tryin to convince Eamon [ps, it's pronounced A-MEN...lots of jokes, I know...] that I need to cut my hair I pulled up this picture:

And Eamon blushed... He said "WHO'S that?!?!"
"YOUR WIFE!!!!!"
"....nuh uh... you look so...where'd you get that dress?"

So yes, while I had Eamon fantasizing about me being young[er] and rested, not pregnant, or nursing, or crying about sleep deprivation...I convinced him to let me chop it.

Speaking of my beloved...
Today is his last day of scheduled work till the tenth of January. Mild panic attacks are def setting in, but...we're gonna be ok. We're gonna make it through Christmas and it's gonna be awesome because God always provides...I think...yeah, He does...breath...
BUT on the up side, he does have a few days to look for a job and we'll get to spend some time together, including Christmas. Tomorrow is the birth center's Christmas party which'll be SO fun and I get to see all of my other preggo mama friends [maybe I can convince them to get in a picture together...maybe ;] If you're in the area, you should come! There's a fundraiser for the Mercy House, hopefully they can get plenty of needs met!

Ok, I have to get ready for my chiropractic appointment [that's always scheduled during Lily's naptime...UGH] Hope you all have an AMAZING weekend!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ok, but seriously...

My hair...
What on Earth am I supposed to do with this?
After writing that, I talked to Eamon. And though he practically vowed never to make any more children with me [whatever, he'll break] if I cut it...I still want to. It's just not me! And he reminded me that I may or may not have swore on Lily's soul [I exaggerate sometimes...] that I wouldn't cut it till the baby was born...BUT COME ON...I've been growing it out for OVER A YEAR...that's a long time for me people...

It doesn't help that I watched The Fountain last night where Rachel Weisz is super hot and dying with her short hair...

Could not find an actual picture of her with her short hair...starting to wonder if she ACTUALLY cut it...poser.

Or that I was all over moms are for everyone! starring at Emery Jo's cute hair...

We have the same Guess Date [well, I think mine is like...two days before hers] Here she is rockin it at 21 weeks...skinny.

OR that I was skyping with my mom and realize we're starting to look more and more alike. DON'T GET ME WRONG, I love my mama....we've just got very different things goin on...very. different. things.

Y'all... I don't even know how this happens...

BUT THEN while looking for a pic of Rachel Weisz from The Fountain, I run across this...

and I'm, I could do that...sexay.

AND THEN I think, Well shoot, why DON'T I just take after my mom, keep growing it out and just pray I can get her awesome 90's bangs???

I will also be needing some serious shoulder pads...
PS, TAKE THAT EAMON!!! My baby DOES look like me! This picture was taken at exactly this time about 20 yrs ago. I was just a few days older than Lily is now :] So THERE...Lily doesn't look JUST like your family ;]

I go on Thursday to get it cut...

Short and sassy...

Or just keep lettin it grow and do somethin like this or this


Monday, December 13, 2010

A Letter To Baby

I was gonna save this for my weekly update, but decided I probably wouldn't remember, ha!

Sweet baby,
As the weeks go by, more and more of your little incubating friends' moms and dads are finding out if they are a boy or a girl. I proudly tell them my predictions, then excitedly [and not very patiently] await their announcements, vicariously living through them. Each time one of them says "IT"S A..." I want whatever they have!
"How fun would it be to have another girl?!" I think "we already have everything we need!" The comfort and familiarity almost do it for me. But then I think "Oh, how much would I love a little boy!? What a change of pace would that be?!" And then my arms ache for you...whether boy or girl, they just ache to hold you.

But I have a slight confession, I want you to be a boy. When I nap, and when I lay awake at night feeling your hiccups, I have this beautiful dream of lifting you up, all gooey and wet exclaiming to Eamon "WE HAVE A SON!!! LOOK AT HIM, HE'S BEAUTIFUL" and rejoicing over your perfect newborn body as you let out your first cry. Elaborate? You bet! But I think about it all the time... 

Who knows, maybe I'm seeing your brother's future birth, maybe it's all wishful thinking, but dear little jumping bean, my excitement for you either way is overflowing!! Sometimes I think the challenge of raising a Godly man is given only to women who will take charge of that task, women you know are strong enough or loving enough, or even patient enough to do so. So I'm praying that if that's not me-not yet anyway- that God continues to fill my heart with joy and desire to raise women who are not broken, strong, gracious, loving women who know your name, who live for You, who breath in Your will, who will have the patience and love to allow me to raise a man with all the care he needs.

So for now sweet baby, I will enjoy the mystery. I will enjoy the sweet moments where I can feel you snuggle to one side of my womb, enjoy the sweet, unending mystery of how our Father knits you together without any effort, enjoy having you closer to me than you ever will be...


Goodnight all!
And congrats to my friends who are recently expecting and those who just found out they are adding a precious blue bundle to their family today!!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rat's Nest

Growing up, my mom used to tell us we had "Rat's Nests" in our hair when it was nappy. All of us at one point [with the exception of Hannah, the youngest, I think] had hair down to our butt or longer. I'm half Meskin y'all...that's a crap load of hair. When we'd brush our hair I often remember each of us going to her saying "Mama, I can't get this rat's nest out, can you get it?" when we'd have a particular baseball sized knot or two in our mane's.

Now when I look at my hair...All I see are rat's nests...even though there aren't any tangles.

I promised Eamon to not cut my hair till the baby was born, but when I see pictures of me like this:

All I want to do is chop it.
It's short, easy to manage, COOL...I could go on and on. BUT...I've always been at my thinnest when I decide to cut it like that. *I personally* think very few people pull off "Look at me and my huge belly AND my cute, chopped, trendtastic hair"...very, very few...

On Thursday, Katie and I finally have a hair appointment scheduled. I sent her this picture as a reference of what I'd like to do since I'm trying to grow it out. [NOT THE COLOR PEOPLE...not the color...]

It's not QUITE that long yet, but it's getting there. And I want bangs.

But then I saw that Cole on Pacing the Panic Room got a hair cut.

WHY is she so hot?! WHY?!?!?! I know I should just stop trying to be her, but these pictures made me want to get my hair chopped SO. EFFING. BAD. And, I wouldn't mind having a cute rat's nest of a bang...

What should I do with my rat's nest!?!?


Haha, so I got like three texts tonight [bc you people hate leaving comments...dumb] saying "WHY don't you just cut it?!?" Here's the answer:
He wants me to "Just freakin commit" to growing my hair out...bc I may or may not do this EVERY time I "grow my hair out"... But every time I cut it he says that it's his favorite look on I don't even know why I grow it out, but he DOES NOT want me to cut it [ he says now]

Thursday, December 9, 2010

25 Weeks

Yup, there's the bumpage, growing, growing, growing :]
Hope you're all having an awesome week!

Don't forget you can check out each week's [almost ;] progress right here!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Karate Kicks

Even though I only have a few weeks left in my second trimester [WHAT?!?!] I'm starting to enjoy this pregnancy more than ever! Our stresses have started to melt away [lets hope it stays that way!] we've gotten to spend some family time together, my hip issues are healing and baby is able to move freely now, I'm eating like a 300 lb man...Things are definitely looking up!

I wanted to share this with you all. I woke up this morning with some amazing karate kicks from Baby. It started warming up last night while I was helping Eamon with his homework, and have been getting stronger ever since :]

Isn't it the best?!?
I hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday and enjoying the crisp air!