Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 Crafty to-do

Stiiiill looking for my camera-hooker-upper-thingamajiggy, so still holding off on my Christmas post. But with this being the last week of 2009 [whaaaat?] I decided to post 10 things I would LOVE to do for my personal use [outside of mae flowers] in 2010.

1. Decorate Lily's room
We've already got some pretty cool bird themes going on, so not very much stuff that would be too girly, but I love this found on ohdeedho

2. Make a funky beautiful quilt for Lily
Maybe something like this?

3. make three sillouhette portraits for my living room

4. Sew ADORABLE [and matching?] dresses for our trip to Oregan

5. make some beautiful bedding for our Japaneasy bedroom

This set from Anthropologie matches our colors perfectly!

6. Sew a fabric map

7. felt...ok maybe not felt, but make some out of felt moccasons for Lily as well as cute house shoes for all my guests

I've seen these EVERYWHERE and need them

8. An "Inbox/Outbox" for mail

9. recover the rocking chair in my living room & cover my couch

10. Make another ADORABLE baby ;]


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