Thursday, December 31, 2009

buh bye oh nine

As we wrap up 2009... [all by my lonesome...ugh.] I find myself deciding what to do to make me a better me in 2010, like I do every New Year's Eve.

Well this time I am going to challenge myself, one of these challenges will be to periodically- yes, more than once!- fast from Facebook. It has become such an easy outlet to vent, judge, slander, gossip, yaddayaddayadda for me that I just need to step back. This first fast is going to be for 21 days. I have been wanting to do it for a while, but once my friend Hannah said she'd be doing it I felt the strength of numbers :]Don't get me wrong! FB is also a GREAT way to stay in touch with friends and all of my family that is 8 hours away, but I'll still be here, blogging away, hoping to get a little more accomplished.

Love you all! Be safe tonight, and have a blessed new year/decade/2 more years of life according to the Mayans!

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