Friday, March 26, 2010

FOTC Friday and Recipe Vote

Since I spent so much time on my soy post, today's is gonna be short, sweet, and to the point.

Flight of the Conchords "If that's what you're in to"
[NOT appropriate for the kiddies- but hilarious, as usual]

Hahaha, ok now that's out of the way :] This week's recipe vote!

Breads :]
1. White Amish Bread [perfect for the amish butter I got this week, YUM!]
2. Black Olive Foccacia
3. Green Irish Soda Bread [...ok, it's not really green, but there was a theme going with the colors, lol]

The workouts are starting to get tangible, and I can feel the difference in my body, but I'm gaining weight? Ugh... Anywho, I have a consultation with my chiropractor on Monday to see what I can do about my diet...though I'm not sure I'm doing anything wrong. Frustrating.

Tomorrow's post will be all about Lily's booty...well, diapers anyway ;]

OX, Mae

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yo no soy for Soy

As a vegetarian, I am overwhelmed with the constant propositions to eat soy.
From Morningstar Farms, to Silk, to the neverending boxes of GMO Tofu.
There are promises of decreased risk of anemia, heart disease, and high cholesterol.

As a woman, companies have decided to wreck my hormones by putting an extravagant amount of estrogen in my day to day products.
Shampoos, deodorants, makeup, scented tampons, perfume, haircare products, laundry soap, fabric softener...the list goes on. They all promise to leave you feeling soft, womanly, and clean.

As a mother, I am guilted in to buying my children the flashiest of flashy toys, teething rings, bottles, and FORMULA[!] to ensure my title of "World's Best Mom" is not stripped.

But, what they don't tell you are the harmful side effects these products can have. Take a few minutes to check out the links I've provided in this post to see what the damage is...

Soy is linked to infertility in woman, birth deffects for those lucky enough to get pregnant, and has been proven to turn boy frogs INTO girl frogs by way of Phytoestrogen!

"The trouble with modern soy products is that fast industrial processing does not equate to historical methods of fermenting "for two summers" or boiling "for the length of an incense". The method of modern get-rich-quick corporations is simply to leave these well-known natural toxins in our products."

Mercola has a wonderful lists of myth busters on their site found here, and also points out that "If there's unhealthy soy, there's also healthy soy." Like Michael Pollan and Nina Planck, my husband I do not think that any whole food in moderation can be harmful.
Being a sushi chef, Eamon is working with soy in many forms all day. And because of this I have become a near expert on what is "traditional" for soy use, and what is industrialized and Americanized.

So, how do you avoid these dangers?

If you are vegetarian, or worse, vegan- Please reconsider this decision. There has never been an entire society that thrived living off of a vegan diet. The popularity is also mainly an American staple, which is very questionable to me. If you are either of these because of the quality of life [and death...eek] of the animals that are eaten, look around! With the high demand of the millions of Americans demanding real food, companies are listening, and changing their mission! And, those who have had safe, sustainable, organic, and traditional practices are starting to thrive! We are right on the edge of having the quality of meat we deserve for the first time in over a century!
I am vegetarian for religious reasons. I believe that Jesus has asked me to refrain from meat for several years now. I had to pray for weeks when I was pregnant to allow fish into my diet. Finally, the Lord gave me peace and I have been able to get adequate amounts of protein for both Lily and I through the pregnancy, and even now as I continue to nurse her. I know there are several religions that require a limitation of meat consumption, but there are allowances for protein.
Remember, eat REAL food! "veggie/soy protein chick'n nuggets" do not belong in this category.
Please talk to your health care provider about adding meat, fish, or unfertilized eggs back into your diet to avoid the dangerous effects that soy could continue to have on your body.

Don't buy anything that has synthetic materials in it. Perfumes and dyes are likely indicative of the presence of photestrogens. Look for products that are scented with essential oils. The products may be slightly more expensive, but you will start to notice how little you actually need those products in the first place ;]

Personal Care:
The same rules apply to buying shampoo, conditioner, face wash, and the like. Also, instead of using scented tampons [putting estrogen right next to your overies...just doesn't make sense does it?] use something that is easier on your body.
NatraCare has a wonderful line of tampons, pads, and liners that are made of 100% organic cotton, chlorine free, and plastic free. If your looking to go even further down the rabbit hole...
Check out the Diva Cup. This is what I have been using since Eamon and I got married. I little tough to get used to, and not for the faint of heart...or stomach. But I have not had to buy tampons in years. And best of all "We use top quality silicone, which is 100% latex-free, plastic-free, BPA-free and odorless. "!
There are also more accessable reusable solutions such as Lunpads, a cloth pad that I am also very comfortable using :]

When it comes down to it, we have been decived about the "benifits of soy" and have let it come in to every corner of our home. I urge you to take the time to re-evaluate some of the products that you use to start cutting back on how much estrogen you, your children, and your HUSBAND! are consuming.

Please feel free to leave questions or comments!
OX, Mae

Monday, March 22, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Last night I went to the most BEAUTIFUL wedding I've ever been to.
It was for my sweet friend and midwife, Abby Sal... I mean, Mahoney ;] Their families are Messianic Jews which reflected heavily in their ceremony, AND of course the reception, SO much fun, beautiful tradition, and officially the record for tears shed by me, lol.
I'll post more details later!

Because of the wedding, I'm recycling one of last week's recipes for Sunday, ENJOY!
Monday: Scallops and Rotini with pesto and cherry tomatoes [heavenly! From Young Man and the Sea]

Tuesday: We're bringing frozen veggies and homemade lemon squares to the Brownings.

Wednesday: Chilli [I'm thinking about putting corn in it...I'm in a weird mood...]

Thursday: Pad Thai with shrimp...mmm

Friday: Tuscan white bean soup

Saturday: Pizza [I keep revising the dough recipe, but I don't think I like my whole wheat recipe :\ ]

Sunday: Lentil Pockets with yogurt tahinni

With the inspiration I received last night from the wedding, here is my prayer for you this week.
I pray that your relationship with the Lord is overwhelming this week. That you allow Him to pursue you as the most intimate of lovers with hardiest provision in mind. May your love for your family grow exponentially this week as you thank your mother and father for the love that share and grow [or shared at one point], for your spouse that plans to multiply that love my integers, and for the children that Our Father has given you to pour that love into.

OX, Mae

Friday, March 19, 2010

FOTC Friday and Recipe Vote

Still a lot going on here.
Today I drove Eamon to work, then started to drive to Plano to show some flowers to a shop there. Halfway there, I figure I should give her a call, just in case. She says she's interested but today isn't I turn around.
I get to Southlake and try to sell to a few of those fancy shmancy baby boutiques there. The all want those tacky silk flowers with rhinestone centers. Every last one of them. It's so stupid. I felt super discouraged on the way home. However, once I did get here, I found that I sold some flowers this morning on Etsy, so that was great.

Last night something that I have been contemplating over for a long time laid really heavy on my heart. There is a passion that I have that I think needs to be put in to action. I'm afraid that I may be "unqualified" or something else. But I feel so in love with this, that I hope it's one of the desires that the Lord has placed on my heart for a reason.
I started working a little on that today... I sent an email to one of my friends who already does this asking her if she would mind if I started to. I hope she says no. The next step would then be to talk to a wonderful couple to see if they would be interested in helping me out. I really hope it works... But untill I get a definitive answer, I can't really talk about what "it" is. So, stay tuned I guess...

This definately has cheared me up though :]
Flight of the Conchords "Bret, You've Got It Going On"

And here's the recipe's that are up for votes this week!
They're kind or everywhere this week, lol
1. Red Lentil "Garlic Mashed Potatos" [19 grams of protein per serving!]
2. Irish Soda Bread
3. Kidney Bean and Cauliflower Coconut Curry

Remember to vote *here* for your votes to count!

OX, Mae

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Busy, busy bee

I had a lot of...insanity on my plate today.

But, I did get up the courage to contact a few boutiques to see if they would like to carry some of my flowers...we'll see.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Sayra Minis




Monday, March 15, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

This morning I did my meal plan for the month with my newly written Spring/Summer meals. Between chasing Lily and Rusty, making sure they didn't tear up my recipe books, and trying to be "creative" I nearly lost my dang mind. Here's my meal plan for this week!

Monday: Rottini w/Marinara, artichokes and squash

Tuesday: Salad and chocolate chip cookies for dinner at the Brownings

Wednesday: Irish vegetable stew with Irish Soda Bread! After 5 1/2 years I finally get to make Eamon something for St. Patrick's Day...I will not make corn beef sandwiches and cabbage...YUCK! :D

Thursday: Shitake soup with Udon noodles

Friday: Tuscan Bean Soup

Saturday: Pizza [Side note, I've been eliminating the yeast from my dough recipe and it's made for a WONDERFUL thin crust pizza!]

Sunday: Lentil Pockets with Tahini Yogurt [From VG]

Let me know if you'd like to see my meal ideas for Spring and Summer!

Today is day four of 30DS and I think I'm gonna kick it up to the "Intermediate" stage because I'm feeling too good today, lol. I doubt I'll be saying to same tomorrow!

My prayer for you this week is that you will be refreshed by the changing of the season, and encouraged that God has approved and ordained the season you are currently in. I have found that I am "loving this season" and then realized that my season hasn't change, but I have finally embraced it!

ox, Mae

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday Recipe Share

And the winner for this week's recipe vote is:

Sweet Rice with Almonds, Pine Nuts and Honey!
This dish is GREAT with a super spicy stir fry. The combination of flavors is outta this world! I'm sure you could even pair it with your favorite curry.
Wanna kick up your current stir fry? Just add red chili flakes or a cayenne pepper, but remember to do so SLOWLY. Too much, too fast is a lot of work to repair, trust me ;]

Ingredients [serves 6]
  • 2 cups of water*
  • 1 cup long grain white rice*
  • .25 cup chopped almonds
  • 3 TBS of pine nuts
  • 3 TBS honey
  • 1.5 TBS soy or tamari sauce
* The original recipe calls for brown rice, and while there are more benefits to brown, I prefer white with my Asian dishes.
And just to put it out there, the argument that "brown rice is what we used to eat" is false. We had NO way of keeping the endosperm on the grain until recently. Think of the grain of rice like a peanut. You have the shell, the endosperm, then the nut. Brown rice is like a peanut with it's "skin" still on.


  1. Heat rice in pan with about half a tablespoon of coconut oil [olive oil or butter will do just fine but coconut goes better flavor wise] Heat on high until all grains are covered with oil and are very hot. Add water and bring to a boil. Once rice has boiled for about a minute, reduce the heat to low, cover, and continue cooking for 15 minutes.
  2. While the rice is cooking, heat a saute pan with a tsp of coconut oil over medium high heat. Toast almonds and pine nuts liightly. WATCH THEM, they go from toasty to burned very quickly.
  3. Spoon rice into a serving bowl with nuts, honey and soy sauce. Mix well and serve hot!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Today was perfect. Eamon took Rusty on a long walk and as I was nursing Lily I got a text saying "You've gotta come see Rusty at the park." ? What was the big deal? I take him to the park all the time? So I put Lily in the stroller and went to the park to find Eamon and Rusty running around playing fetch. It was adorable! Then we played with Lily on the swings and slide and all walked home.
Then we went to Lowe's and got everything we need for our gardens! We are very excited. We bought some seeds for beautiful flowers to go under the window sill in front of our dining room window [CUTE!]. For the salad garen in the back we got a variety of lettuce, two tomato plants, and a variety of sweet and hot peppers. We also have some sunflowers that I am very excited about. But not AS excited as I am about our Meyer Lemon tree!!! EEEEEK! I go through so many lemons, and they are my FAVORITE fruit. When Lily was born, we saved her placenta to plant under the tree of our first home. We thought it would be perfect to plant in one of the huge empty pots we have from last year and transplant it to our home in Austin next summer. I am SO excited to do this. Call me weird, but I just can't think of a better fertilizer! The life that sustained my baby will fertilize a tree that we hope to have forever! Haha, I guess you can tell I'm excited huh?

Well, enjoy the rest of your Sabbath if that happens to be today. I have got to get the bedtime routine started [daylight savings time couldn't have come at a better time, I've been trying to push Lily's bedtime an hour back anyway!] Then to walk the dog and work out.

ox, Mae

Saturday, March 13, 2010

30 Day Shred...maybe.

Last night was my first workout to Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred. I did surprisingly well. Just kept up with her through motivation of hating her Barbie Belly and wanting it so. bad.

So how did I get to this point? How did I get to bouncing up and down in my living room cursing Jillian Michael like a contestant of The Biggest Looser?
Simple. I'm FOUR-TY pounds overweight. Yup, four, mother flippin zero.
Twenty of that is still "Baby Body", but the other twenty? There's just no excuse. So what does a girl do when she realizes there's a reason everyone is calling her Fatty Boom Batty behind her back? Usually, she starves herself, but that is NOT an option for this mama. Quite the opposite. While reading Nina Planck's "Real Food for Mother and Baby" I became SO confident in how I'm feeding myself. Reading through the "Pregnancy" section I felt a little slackerish as my diet was not up to par for one of my new role-models. But the "nursing" section had me whoopin and hollerin for joy! Mt fats, protein, calcium, etc. are all in the right order! I'm eating near to her ideal specifications. So if I'm eating so awesome- WHY am I fourty pounds overweight? My activity level is down the drain. I mean, don't get me wrong, chasing Lily around all day and taking Rusty on his walks is better than the average American, but I think we can all agree that I typically find it unflattering to be called and "average American."

So, this 30 Day Shred started last night, and while I am sore this morning, I find the program doable this far. I just really...really need a new sports bra. Or just some duct tape...
This brings me to what this post is all about. I'm going to be sharing this journey with all of you. A real mom, a real overweight dumb dumb looking for results. I am...180 of my last scale suicide mission a few weeks ago. That is my actual number, on the dot. The dvd says "lose up to 20 pounds in 30 days" we'll see about that.

So, jump on the bandwagon, share your sweaty, flabby, bein pissed off at your trainer story. I am.


Friday, March 12, 2010

What are you feeding her?!?!?! March

I have decided to start a new series called "What are you feeding her?!?!?!" Almost every time we are out in public this conversation happens
Random McStranger, "Oh my goodness! How cute!"
Me, "Thank you"
RMS, "How old is she, he, she?"
Me, "She is 8 months"
RMS, "Oh my goodness, big girl! How much does she weigh?"
Me, "[Fake laugh] She weighs about 23 pounds now"
RMS, "What are you feeding her?!?!?!"

My usual response to this is to make a boob joke, but the truth is, these days Lily is eating a lot more than breastmilk.
An incident like the one described above took place on our last trip to the grocery store. The woman said her second is now 8 months, and she couldn't remember when she started "solids" with her first.
She said "Does she eat food?"
Me "...Yes." I didn't get what she was asking.
RMS "No, like I mean real food?"
I laughed [for real] "Yes, she only eats real food. Like bananas, apples, carrots."
I looked in her basket and tried to hid my reaction. The ENTIRE basket was filled with brightly colored plastic bags, bottles, and boxes of baby "food". There was formula, apple sauce with "granola bits", cartoon character shaped "cookies", juice boxes, and so, SO much more. She must have seen a glimpse of something on my face and started to explain she was getting ready to start her son on solids. She then did something no stranger should ever do to Eamon or me- she asked for my advice.
Its these types of things that make me think God hates me. He tests me so much.
Any way, I point at her basket and say
"Well, truthfully, she's never had anything like that. We just do a lot of fruit and veggies and 2 egg yolks every day."
She looked at me, started to smile, and then pushed her cart away...

*insert cricket chorus here*

Had I said something to offend her? Did she think I was pulling her leg? I thought I was really sweet! But whatever it was, it was unrepairable, as mysteriously as she had appeared, she was gone.
Later that night we went to the Brownings. I was looking around to give something to Lily and Katie suggested I give her some of this awesome new rice cereal that she just got. It's loaded with probiotics and it organic according to the package. I told her I would, but Lily had never had rice cereal and didn't know how she would do with it. Katie gave me the same "Really?!?" that I've received before.

Here is where I believe it is appropriate to start giving some answers :]
Parent after parent have tried scaring me into feeding Lily formula and rice cereal since day one. She was 7 11 when she was born [which isn't premie or anything?] and people kept suggesting that she wouldn't gain weight unless I formula fed. Then once she started to pack on the pounds, people said she was gaining too much weight and that my milk wasn't good. Once they saw that I didn't buy that, they started to say I had to start supplementing with rice cereal because there was no way my body would be able to keep up with her appitite. This one, admittedly, got to me.

At 4.5 months I started to let Lily try things. Apple slices, sweet potatoes, things like that. She showed some of the developemental signs of readiness, but not as much as I would have liked. But she was very interested in food, so we went for it. Next time, I think I'll wait a little longer for our kiddo to tell us, not the RMS's of the world. I started my period again at about 6 months, though it has been VERY inconsistant. But I know it's because she started nursing less then.

Now, however, I think we've got it figured out!
Lily is actually nursing more these days, and it's far more predictable. From 8 am to 7 pm she nurses about 5-6 times and 3 times after bedtime-once when Eamon and I go to bed, and two more in the middle of the night/ wee hours of the morning. I think this may have something to do with my whacky hormones, but I love it. I enjoy nursing Lily at this age for so many reasons, and I'm really glad I've stuck with it :]

So, What AM I feeding her these days?
Everything! Haha, ok, not everything, but so much fun stuff! This is what today's menu looks like for Lily:
Breakfst: One steamed egg yolk. She has this every morning when I eat my breakfast. She LOVES our farm fresh eggs and actually prefers them over anything else she eats.

Lunch: Today she begged to eat some of my curry. It was left overs from Kidney Bean and Cauliflower coconut curry we had a few nights ago. It was mostly broth, but she loved it! I took the skins off of the beans and she had a few of those, some potatoes, and whatever onion was in it. She couldn't get enough! I thought the spice would aggrivate her tummy, but so far so good! We also split the prettiest orange I've ever seen.I love when it's citrus season, it just makes the world better.

Dinner: Tonight will be the same as it always is; one steamed egg yolk, with steamed fruit or veggies. I make sure she eats til she tells me no more so that she's nice and full, then it's off to bathtime and a good tank up from mama. She sleeps so much better because of this.
We haven't added any wheat or dairy yet, though Nina Planck makes a very convincing argument on raw dairy in wee ones.

I'd love to hear your comments or questions! I think I'll do this once a month, so tell me whatchya think! :]

FOTC Friday and Recipe Vote

Ok, so things have been crazy.
My poor husband is dealing with my hormones that are OFF THE CHARTS y'all. I mean crazy. But for some reason, he still comes home every night. Bless that man. Lily has been waking up about 4 hours earlier than she used to, and MAN is it taking its toll on me. Waiting up for Eamon to get home and going to sleep when he does is only about 6 hours before she wakes up, not including the 2x I have to wake up and nurse her. She starts off in her crib, but ends up in our bed by morning. So ya, I'm running on about 4-5 hours of sleep's killer.
I've been scowering the interwebz for a new phone since mine hopped in the sink last week [yet another obstacle to overcome in the "communication breakdown" department of marriage!] and for a camera to take pictures for my shop.

Well on to FOTC.
This week, instead of doing something with both of the fellas, I'm gonna stick with Jemaine. While watching a movie the other day, I saw this preview for one of Eamon's favorite children's book turn movie "Dispicable Me"
So, here it is! Can't wait to see it!

And here are your choices for recipes this week!
This weeks theme? Asia
1. Shitake Mushroom Soup
2. Rice with Almonds, Pinenuts, and Honey [VERY good with a super spicey stir fry!]
3. Lentil Wontons

Be sure to vote here by Sunday @ 4!
The recipe with the most votes will be shared at that time.
Now, GET TO VOTING! And have an awesome Friday ;]

Monday, March 8, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Thanks to my awesome friend Heather, I'm going to be starting a new theme for Mondays!
I have thought about doing this for a while, but I honestly hadn't REALLY gotten the hang of it yet.
But, for the past month, wait TWO MONTHS! I've done great.

I did something that makes meal planning SO much easier for me. I make each night themed [I believe I may have mentioned this before...]
Sunday -Saturday this is how it goes Comfort Food, Italian, Lost night at the Brownings [I collaborate with Katie on this meal as we usually eat supper together], Beans, Asian [from Thai to Indian and everything in between] Soup, and Pizza. Every meal is made at home, from scratch. Most of my recipes are from "The International Vegetarian's Gourmet" or "Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker" [of which I should be getting my own copy of any day now! Come on Amazon, the library misses its copy!]

Here is what we're eating at the Burke house this week:

Monday: Fettuccine with Lentils Bolegnese [VSC]

Tuesday: Soup, salad, breadsticks]

Wednesday: Pizza bean subs [SUCH a fun and easy recipe from VG!]

Thursday: Stir fry w/Shitake soup [my own recipes for both, the soup is AMAZING!]

Friday: Lentil soup w/kale ribbons

Saturday: Medi Pizza [homemade dough, usually with steamed veggies and great ingredients]

Sunday: Fish with roasted veggies [Whatever fish we happen to have with roasted zucchini, carrots/sweet potatoes and olives, AH-mazing! Out of a wonderful Seafood cookbook "The Young Man and The Sea. It has BEAUTIFUL, simple, and delicious recipes for all types of sea life.]

Hopefully, this will be something I can keep up. Try to make the most of this very dreary Monday!

OX, Mae

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Little blog, sorry for neglecting you...again. I have been making flowers for spring. And by updating I'm actually putting them off, so there. You're my dirty little secret tonight.
Ok, so a few weeks ago I read a blog post from one of my internet friends. It was talking about how determined she was to not fall into the mindset of "I'm a mom, I'm gonna look frumpy".
For a few days her words of rebellion and determination rang in my head, NON-stop. I kept thinking "heck yes I'm gonna get my body back, and better than it was before! Straight up, no excuses.
My friends who had their babies [some TWICE as big as mine!] and lost their "baby weight" within the first few weeks really discouraged me. Lily has grown faster than almost any baby I know, from MY milk so that should be taking the weight off... Everyone told me this would probably happen too "Yup, he just sucked the weight RIGHT off of me." And while nothing of the sort has happened, I was yet again discouraged.
Then there was the "It takes 9 months to gain it all, it'll take at least that to lose it". Guess what? I'm almost 8 months into this, and after initially loosing 20 pounds, I've actually gained weight. EVEN AFTER doing a cleanse. We RARELY eat out, and I make 3 homemade meals a day.


So then God decides to remind me of something I wrote months ago. I said "We say we will sacrifice anything for our babies, but when it comes down to it- we are selfish" At the time I was talking about breastfeeding in public [actually stopping in the car on the way home from the store] I was so fed up with moms saying "I can't do ____ anymore because of her" or "Ever since he came along, _______ hasn't been an option" And it's always so damn self pitying!

But there I was this morning, looking at myself in the mirror. My belly hangs over my hips. The stretch marks go from the top of my hips to right above my belly button. My boobs, the only thing on my body that I was happy with, look like nothing more than...well jugs. Jugs of milk. [I'm actually crying right now!?!?!?!? UGH!] I thought "Man, I had problems taking maternity pictures before, I won't be able to take any belly shots with the next baby..." and "I wonder if people can see my stretch marks through *this* shirt" [Mine are really deep and there are a lot of materials I can't wear anymore]

So after getting over myself, I remembered what I had wrote "Didn't you say you would sacrifice anything to have this baby?" I did. I said I would do anything to grow a healthy embryo into a healthy baby, birth a healthy newborn, and continue to grow a healthy toddler. Why didn't I understand sacrifice of my body was part of that? Sure, having a baby constantly on me came up, but not having the body I wanted never did. I have to eat the way I do to produce healthy milk. I can't work out rigorously like I would like [and that would be effective] to work the weight off because, well as far as time goes, I'm a single mom.

Today I want to pray over all of the moms out there who are fighting the fight to be happy with their "new" body. I pray that you do everything you can to be healthy and to keep your baby healthy. I pray that this sick culture will have no pressure over you and keep it's distance from your life. I pray that you can find happiness in your body.

Sorry for the rant.

I plan on resuming regular blogging beginning next week after my shop is updated.

mae <3