Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Does the Birth Controll Pill Cause Abortions?" From the Mommypotomus

I read this article this morning from a dear friend and thought it was too good to not pass along, as well as give you our personal experience with.

"When Eamon and I got engaged, part of our marriage counseling was decided what for of birth control we wanted to use. Both being virgins it was a whole new world for both of us. But, the decision did seem simple-neither of us put drugs in our bodies [prescription or otherwise] for many, many years so why start now. We agreed that sex just wouldn't be fun til I graduated from college.
When I told our pastor and his wife this, we were met with total opposition. Words like "irresponsible," and "stewardship" were met with phrases like "added stress to young marriage" and "unwanted surprises". We were shocked. I felt DEEPLY about this and had NO IDEA that the Christian community-not only that I belonged to, but nationwide thought the tenth commandment was to take your Pill after your "alone time" with God every morning. And again, shocked I was.

Eighteen year old me began to do my research, because I TRULY felt that there was something more here, something sinister that was being hidden under the commercials of women living their lives so much happier because they were without child. When I found this...all bets were off.

When I started preaching the ugly truth I was met with "well, I have a really irregular period, so my doctor prescribed it anyway" and "I have acne and this seems to be the only way to deal with it" and even "Well, I've got to keep my hormones in check SOMEHOW!" There was no getting through to these women. But what about married women? Married women that WERE taking it so they could continue to live "their lives" which required no children. I KNEW that these Christian women were against abortion, so I was hopeful.
Nope, same story. "Stewardship," "responsibility," and now "conviction" were being thrown around like a baby seal between two killer whales. Lifeless, shredded, limp words that had been regurgitated so much by their peers that I assume they believed that they still carried weight.

We used TCOYF for a few months and then got pregnant. There were some women who I had spoke to who looked at me like I "got what I deserved." The ugly truth that pregnancy- EVEN FOR A MARRIED WOMAN- at a young age is not only frowned upon in our post feminine world, but a punishment from God for not being "responsible."

After my the red on my "letter A" started to fade, I started to dig again. Not only did I find that this Pill was a weapon of mass destruction, I found that a VERY SMALL MINORITY of Christian women who were taking it prayed with their husbands over the decision! That this was a mere dinner conversation or text message, and BOOM! life decision made. But what was a relief is that I found that the majority of women who had stopped using the Pill, or other forms of contraceptives had done so AFTER praying about it with their husband! Testimony after testimony was given to me of the unbearable conviction that both husband AND wife were laden with, that they could no longer continue as they were. Regardless of what it did to their career, or there budget, or their lifestyle.

I have sadly given up my career as "whistle blower" for various reasons, but one thing I still stress to ALL newlyweds, and even couples who have been married for years is to pray fervently and INTENSELY about what decision is right for your family, together. True conviction from the Lord can never be combated against.

Thank you so much for writing this Heather. I hope you are blessed graciously for shedding a light that many of us our afraid to, or have just given up because our arms are tired. Bravo."

Please, please, please. If you or someone you know is taking the pill, have them read this article. There are more important things in life than "fewer periods."

Monday, July 26, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

Long, long day today, but I survived!

Here's what we got going on in the kitchen this week :]

B Oatmeal
L Cous Cous with beans and spaghetti sauce
D Pizza

[OBVIOUSLY, we are out of groceries, lol!]

B Scrambled eggs
L Bueno
D Portabella burgers with mashed sweet potatoes and roasted corn

B baked oatmeal
L Black Bean quesadillas and smoothies
D Sloppy lentils

B Eggs in a Basket
L Tuna Fish Sandwiches with Mediterranean Garbanzo Salad...DROOL
D Vegetarin stir fry with Soba noodles

B Oatmeal
L Hummus with falafel
D Tomato Soup with Cous Cous

B Fritatas
L Beans and rice with shrimp
D Pizza [I really want sardines on it!!!]

B Eggs
L Udan Soup
D Letil Pockets

Ok, if you had smell-o-vision, you'd know that I need a shower!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pregnancy Essentials

With number one under our belt, we have a better idea with what we consider essential to pregnancy around the Burke house. We've been talking about different things and what we are going to have to make sure we do/have-even if that means cutting down on some of the fun stuff.

So here's a quick look at how we'll be taking care of number two, with some possible additions [or subtractions! those are always good!] along the way.

Prenatal Care
Midwifery Team
We've already called the midwives [who seem to have been waiting on this like "Come ON!" What's taking you so long?!?"] and let them know they've got some more business for late March. We will be birthing at home just like last time, but both of the midwives we will be using work at Gentle Beginnings Birth Center in Hurst. We will be using Sarah and Angela [who caught Lily and was the hugest blessing at our last birth] this time around. I know both of these women believe that women are designed to birth, and that they are trained to handle any situation, including transportation to a hospital if it ever came down to it.

I know this may sound crazy to some of you, but I have seen the chiropractors I used to work for perform virtual miracles on pregnant women and their little unborn babies. They relieve pain, turned breech babies upside down, put labor into women, and even attend births sometimes! The doctors at Lifetime Family Wellness Center in Hurst [neighbors with the birth center] use the Gonstead method when treating their moms and have a gentle and effective touch. A MUST for pregnancy!

Yoga classes
Last time I attended yoga classes [in the waiting area between the birth center and chiro office, lol] almost every week after my first trimester. The breathing techniques, relaxation tips, and weekly escape were an amazing tool during my pregnancy and labor. I remember all of Jenni's tips on "lbelly moans" during labor and I can't wait to go back! You can check out her prenatal yoga classes here.

What to Wear
Bella Band
Yup, that stetchy belly bandaid saved me HUNDREDS on maternity clothes. Considering I got all the way to about 36 weeks wearing my pre-pregnancy pants, the band was my bff. I even used it as a tube top during my labor so no one saw TOO much...even though I turned into a complete diaper wearing nudist after the actual birth, lol.

A Damn Good Bra
As of right now, I do NOT have one of these. Lily is still nursing so anything that actually provides support for my double d's are not nursing friendly. [And I mean, do you really want a bra that your boobies pop out of that easily anyway?] So, whether or not Lily nurses, I NEED a good bra. I'm open for suggestions. [Somtimes, I feel like I should be on one of those Playtex commercials]

Winter Wear Suggestions?
Now while I do remember slipping around on the ice of our porch and not being able to button my coat the winter I was pregnant with Lily, I only spent a little bit of my second trimester during the coldest part of it. I was lucky to have a baby in the summer because I got to wear lots of dresses and skirts. Turtle necks and jeans do not sound as fun and comfortable. If you have any suggestions on winter maternity wear, LET ME KNOW!

Personal and Spiritual life
No More Drama
Even though Eamon will soon only have a part time job, and be going back to school [yup, in the next couple of years I'll be the hot wife of the cute/weird Senior English jealous] we are trying our hardest to not put any more stress on our lives...without stressing out. The last two months of my pregnancy with Lily were aweful. I had so much joy stollen and stress pile up, that I still feel that I missed out on the last few months that I had with Lily in-utero. Not this time. How are we going to do that? Well, we're simplifying things A LOT around here, and having plans for any situation. Also, I'm not going to allow my joy and my time of pregnancy to be stollen by anyone else. That was my fault then. I think I know better this time around.
And now that I think about it, there's one more thing. I'm not going to take as much unsolicited advice from random strangers this time around! I got so sick of every single person I met telling me how they knew the deepest insights of pregnancy and raising children all because I started to believe that I was "too young", "naive" and "ignorant." Not this time Crazy Lady in line at Kroger...not this time ;]

There were only a handful of peaceful memories I have of my first pregnancy. This time I'm going to make a sincere effort to pray EVERY MORNING for peace. Not just in my house, but in my heart and mind.

Date Night
While we did make an effort to do this last time, I think it's going to be even more crucial this time around for Eamon and I to have a date night every now and then to reconnect. It's essential in every marriage, and definitely hard for us without having any family here as it is, but we are only going to be a family of three for so long!

Ok, so what gets you through pregnancy? What do you think you cannot live without? Got any suggestions?

Friday, July 23, 2010

"I don't care what nobody says..."


We are thrilled beyond thrilled to have found out earlier this afternoon that Lily will be a big sister in March of 2011 :]

We're so excited and really have to get our butts in gear now, but are truly blessed.

Ready to start round two with me?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Meal Plan Monday

After five days of 1-3 hours of sleep, I gave up fighting last night and just let Lily sleep with us last night, and got some rest!!! WHOO! I was about to die I tell you. Just fall over and die and have the neighbors call the police because Lily would be crying for milk and I won't wake up. [OH COME ON, you KNOW you have that nightmare sometimes...]

Still no new job for Eamon, still working on him going back to school, still tyring to just hang in there.
I got a very sweet email from a friend the other day. She was trying to encourage me by telling me that her husband doesn't have a degree either, but he found an awesome job, plenty of time to spend with the family, make enough money to support them, and that they just enjoy life in general, SO HANG IN THERE! And I wanted SO BADLY to be like, "Hey, you're right! It could happen for us!"
But even until now I just think..."Awesome God. You really DO do this for everyone else but us. Thanks for the reminder." And while MY individual life is far from that of Job's, Eamon's isn't. His life is so hard and trying, and being a light for Jesus to shine through for him is very hard. [Especially when I start to think about the fact that God let the devil KILL his wife and child...]
BUT ANYWAY. This isn't a "Oh, poor pitiful us, WAAAAH" post, so just keep us in your prayers and slap me when you see me to slap me out of it, ok? Thanks ;]

Here's what we're cooking this week!

B Scrambled eggs
L Cous Cous with Swiss Chard [from the garden!] and beans
D Spinach Lasagna adapted from Martha

B Pancakes
L Garlic-y spaghetti with zuccini
D Flounder with Roasted Zuccini and Eggplant with Wild Rice

B Eggs in a basket
L Salad with Shrimp
D Black bean and Chicken burritos

B Oatmeal w/Goat Yogurt & Honey
L Tuna Fish Sandwiches with Mediterranean Garbanzo Salad...DROOL
D Vegetarin stir fry with Soba noodles

B Scrammbled eggs
L Linguine with Green Pea pesto
D Lentil Soup

B Baked Oatmeal
L Black Bean quesadillas [they were so good last week, we just HAVE to have them again!
D Pizza

B Eggs
L Udan Soup
D Roasted Chicken with mashed sweet potatoes and Roasted Corn

Oh! Head over to Mae B Photography on FB to see my last maternity shoot I got to do yesterday!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sometimes, I Hate Breastfeeding.

Almost everyone who was pregnant at the same time as me is pregnant again.
For real. And there's a whole nother batch of them coming up and here I am...not. OH WELL.
And I think this is why:
Lily still nurses day in and day out. Stop your underbreath whispering right this minute! Yep, she's one, nope, she's not weaned. Some babies don't get rid of their paci till they're four, so I'm cool with my booby lovin baby.
Wait...did I say that I was cool with it? I only meant part time.

At about 12:30 at night, this mean, anti-booby-sucking, dragon wakes up. She wants nothing to do with being hooked up to a kicking, whining, demanding toddler that wakes up in the middle of the night. And for the past FOUR NIGHTS that said toddler has stayed up ALL. NIGHT. Two nights ago, she finally went to bed at six. AHEM, did you hear me?!?!!? SIX, AY EM PEOPLE!!!! For the past few weeks I've woken up sore from this little girl who demands her mama, and I'm pretty much over it.
Now I know why it's good to extend breastfeeding, I know how lovey dovey it is sometimes, and I even enjoy it in the middle of the day when Lily just plops in my lap and is like "Yo mama, hows it hangin? Wanna gimme a little bit o' milk?" And she just gulps away. BUT HOLY CRAP. It's starting to seem never ending.

Well, anyway.
I've got baked oatmeal in the oven so Eamon will have some food to feed Lily in the morning, a maternity shoot bright and early, and some more intense praying for a job for my honey.
Here's some pics.

Lily's been waking up every week on pizza night AS SOON as the pizza comes out of the oven. I find it pretty funny. Since she's old enough, she def gets her own slice now.
Also, She hates flash.
We've been practicing using a spoon

And this is what we had for lunch today. SO good.

Have a loverly Sunday!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Lily Annette; A Look at Year One

I could [and want to] write the longest love letter to my daughter tonight and share it here with you all, but instead I will leave you with one of the greatest moments I've had in a year with this beautiful lady that happened about two weeks ago. After this happened, I didn't know if I should share it because it was so personal, heart breaking, perfect, and unreal moments, but I think that if I don't- I might forget it.

Sweet Lily, you love to play outside. The hot sun on your skin, the prickly grass between your toes, the dirt under you love it all. With our tomato trees...I mean plants...growing in the back, you've taken an interest in gardening. You diligently check each plant as far as you can reach for the beautiful juicy red fruits that taste heavenly. You carefully comb through the leaves, lighting up as soon as you spot the green fading to orange, and burst with joy when I allow you to pick the rubies. On this afternoon, you picked the last of the tomatoes that we've been waiting for before the new batch comes in. We were sitting in the grass, the 5 o'clock sun beating down on both of us, trying to wind down from our day. You brought me the tomato to pick off the leaves and dug in to the biggest tomato yet. The meat and juice were still warm from the sun. We passed it back and forth, not saying a word just smiling. I felt the Holy Spirit upon us like never before. Joyful, honest, comforting-it almost made me uncomfortable, like if I tried to stay in the moment, I would lose it. I watched you sitting there- not a care in the world. You weren't complaining about the girl on the playground who stole your swing, or how you're mad that your baby fat rolls over your diapers/jeans. There was no talk about how a certain boy is driving you crazy, but he makes your heart flutter. You weren't sharing with me how he got down on one knee and now you're worried your bridesmaids will hate their dresses. And you weren't crying on my shoulder because your baby hasn't let you sleep in four days. Nope, none of that at all. It was you and me, the most uncomplicated we'll probably ever be. Sitting in the back community lawn of our apartment complex, eating homegrown tomatoes. I realized how blessed we were to find this reward even though it was brought by all the hard work your daddy does. Leaving us at home to soak in all the blessings that the Lord has to offer for us. I felt this unbelievable sense of heaven as we bit into our snack in silence. And you just sat there, smiling and chewing.

On the days since then where no images of heaven have arised, I've thought of this moment, and I'm blown away to know that there will be many more to come. Maybe just you and me, maybe with daddy, or even with your future brothers and sisters, but the possibiliy floors me.
Thank you, Jesus for this perfect girl.

We love you more than words can say...

[stay tuned for party pics!]

Meal Plan Monday

Don't worry, I have a two part post[s] coming up all about our crazy Birthday Week Extravaganza- with a photo frenzy!

Now, I have to apologize for my lack of meal plan sharing. We've been SO busy and SO strapped for money that I've had to be really creative which has left me little time to blog the whole ordeal! I've also decided to change it up a bit, to reflect my actual meal plan sheet as well.

Lily and I will be adding Chicken into our diets this week. VERY small amounts at first, but the more research I do...the more I'm convinced I should be eating meat. I actually think it could be adding to my problem of weight loss, and I KNOW not eating meat is part of my anemia problem [though I've had it all of my life]. Eamon is also starting to suffer bc he eats so much at home...and the chef isn't preparing enough protein :[ And since I am doing this based on research and conviction, you better believe we'll be getting free range, hormone free, magic chickens.

So, here's what we got cookin in the kitchen this week :]

B Oat Bran with Applesauce
L Leftover Pizza/salad
D Italian Orzo with Grilled Shrimp

B Scrambled Eggs w/toast
L Beans/brown rice
D Curried Chickpeas w/chicken

B Oatmeal w/Goat Yogurt & Honey
L Salad with Shrimp
D Lentil/Walnut Burgers

B Fried eggs w/soda Bread Scones
L Cold Tomato/yogurt Soup with Scones
D Chicken Pad Thai

B Muesli
L Black Bean Quesadillas w/quacamole
D Tuscan Kale and White Bean Soup *new

B Omlet
L Chicken Tenders w/Cous Cous w/greens
D Pizza

B Pancakes
L Spaghetti and Portabella caps w/marinara
D Flounder w/wild rice and roasted zuccini

Hope you have a fantastic week! Stay tuned for some ParTAY pics ;]

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our Week In Pictures

While I'm trying not to ram my head into the concrete in complete insanity, I figured I should blog...since I haven't all week [SORRY!]

It's been a rainy week here in the DFW so we've been running in and out of the house, trying to entertain ourselves.
We've made some big decisions for our family that I hope to share with you all soon, but for now, here are some pics from this week!

This is a bottle of Lea and Perkins Worschester Sauce. Lily carries it around like a little baby alcoholic. It's pretty funny. She gets in the fridge, pulls it out, and walks around like, "NBD. Just chillin with my sauce." Notice, she's pantless and in her nightgown...I think we're going to have to admit her into rehab ;]

This...Is something I'm super proud of. This is Lily's birthday present from Eamon and me. It's a doll...that I MADE! Yup, hair, face, dress, ALL ME! I hope it's something that she can cherish forever. I've put so much love into her, and I hope Lily does too. She's actually been sneaking glimpses of her in my craft closet and giving her kisses...gah, it's so cute!

During the first day of monsoon, we found this little...ahem, EFFING GINORMOUS!... cricket that we collectively named Lightening :] He was HUGE! Like two inches of flying cricket. Lily and Rusty both tried to eat him, and both got scared :D

Eventually, the rain was just nonstop, and Lily and Rusty were both blue...and flippin CUH-UTE!

And then there was last night...I made black bean brownies...and by made black bean brownies I mean, ate a crap load of black bean was AMAZING! I got the recipe here. I HIGHLY reccomend them! I used butter instead of oil and honey instead of sugar, as well as added some almonds.

And this morning I went around Irving to look for vintage props for Mae B Photography and I am SO stoked about them! This loverly camera, some gorgeous suitcases and a cute little stool :] Can't wait to use them at my newborn shoot on Tuesday!

Now, the week is over and the beginning to Birthday Week 2010 is well on it's way, I've got a BUNCH to do!
Tattoos, newborn pictures, sushi, karaoke, party favors, cleaning the house, making baby sushi and more black bean brownies for Lily's party, and trying to be a decent wife/mom in the process! Wish me luck! Twenty-one is looking to be like an awesome year so far!

Side note- I think belly dancing is possibly the only place in the world where big boobied women can get away with being "sexy" and still have stretch marks, lol. Therefor, I REALLY want to try it, thoughts?

Have a WONDERFUL 4th of July!