Saturday, July 3, 2010

Our Week In Pictures

While I'm trying not to ram my head into the concrete in complete insanity, I figured I should blog...since I haven't all week [SORRY!]

It's been a rainy week here in the DFW so we've been running in and out of the house, trying to entertain ourselves.
We've made some big decisions for our family that I hope to share with you all soon, but for now, here are some pics from this week!

This is a bottle of Lea and Perkins Worschester Sauce. Lily carries it around like a little baby alcoholic. It's pretty funny. She gets in the fridge, pulls it out, and walks around like, "NBD. Just chillin with my sauce." Notice, she's pantless and in her nightgown...I think we're going to have to admit her into rehab ;]

This...Is something I'm super proud of. This is Lily's birthday present from Eamon and me. It's a doll...that I MADE! Yup, hair, face, dress, ALL ME! I hope it's something that she can cherish forever. I've put so much love into her, and I hope Lily does too. She's actually been sneaking glimpses of her in my craft closet and giving her kisses...gah, it's so cute!

During the first day of monsoon, we found this little...ahem, EFFING GINORMOUS!... cricket that we collectively named Lightening :] He was HUGE! Like two inches of flying cricket. Lily and Rusty both tried to eat him, and both got scared :D

Eventually, the rain was just nonstop, and Lily and Rusty were both blue...and flippin CUH-UTE!

And then there was last night...I made black bean brownies...and by made black bean brownies I mean, ate a crap load of black bean was AMAZING! I got the recipe here. I HIGHLY reccomend them! I used butter instead of oil and honey instead of sugar, as well as added some almonds.

And this morning I went around Irving to look for vintage props for Mae B Photography and I am SO stoked about them! This loverly camera, some gorgeous suitcases and a cute little stool :] Can't wait to use them at my newborn shoot on Tuesday!

Now, the week is over and the beginning to Birthday Week 2010 is well on it's way, I've got a BUNCH to do!
Tattoos, newborn pictures, sushi, karaoke, party favors, cleaning the house, making baby sushi and more black bean brownies for Lily's party, and trying to be a decent wife/mom in the process! Wish me luck! Twenty-one is looking to be like an awesome year so far!

Side note- I think belly dancing is possibly the only place in the world where big boobied women can get away with being "sexy" and still have stretch marks, lol. Therefor, I REALLY want to try it, thoughts?

Have a WONDERFUL 4th of July!


Heather Ivers said...

Hey Mae!
Love the blog, Miss Lily is scrumptious! Those brownies look awesome, can't wait to try the recipe! Also: I dig belly dancing fo sho...and that monster is a grasshopper. We have the huge ones here too and they can definitely give you a start, can't they?

rachel.lyn said...

oh gosh do i feel you on the rain!!! it has been rainy and gross here for a little over a week now and continuing ALL NEXT WEEK!!!! YUCK! summertime in

your pictures are beautiful and i especially love that doll!!!

wish you were closer so i could get you to take some maternity/newborn shots for me. darn :)

Mae Burke said...

Heather- Thanks for stopping by! I'd love to see you here more ;] and your pics of your baby boy at the fireworks show was PRECIOUS!

Rachel- If for ANY REASON you are in the Metroplex, you freakin let me know! I'd LOVE to take you pictures ;]
And I know about some hummidty/rain bs too. We used to live on the beach in South Texas so I do NOT envy you most days ;]