Wednesday, July 28, 2010

"Does the Birth Controll Pill Cause Abortions?" From the Mommypotomus

I read this article this morning from a dear friend and thought it was too good to not pass along, as well as give you our personal experience with.

"When Eamon and I got engaged, part of our marriage counseling was decided what for of birth control we wanted to use. Both being virgins it was a whole new world for both of us. But, the decision did seem simple-neither of us put drugs in our bodies [prescription or otherwise] for many, many years so why start now. We agreed that sex just wouldn't be fun til I graduated from college.
When I told our pastor and his wife this, we were met with total opposition. Words like "irresponsible," and "stewardship" were met with phrases like "added stress to young marriage" and "unwanted surprises". We were shocked. I felt DEEPLY about this and had NO IDEA that the Christian community-not only that I belonged to, but nationwide thought the tenth commandment was to take your Pill after your "alone time" with God every morning. And again, shocked I was.

Eighteen year old me began to do my research, because I TRULY felt that there was something more here, something sinister that was being hidden under the commercials of women living their lives so much happier because they were without child. When I found this...all bets were off.

When I started preaching the ugly truth I was met with "well, I have a really irregular period, so my doctor prescribed it anyway" and "I have acne and this seems to be the only way to deal with it" and even "Well, I've got to keep my hormones in check SOMEHOW!" There was no getting through to these women. But what about married women? Married women that WERE taking it so they could continue to live "their lives" which required no children. I KNEW that these Christian women were against abortion, so I was hopeful.
Nope, same story. "Stewardship," "responsibility," and now "conviction" were being thrown around like a baby seal between two killer whales. Lifeless, shredded, limp words that had been regurgitated so much by their peers that I assume they believed that they still carried weight.

We used TCOYF for a few months and then got pregnant. There were some women who I had spoke to who looked at me like I "got what I deserved." The ugly truth that pregnancy- EVEN FOR A MARRIED WOMAN- at a young age is not only frowned upon in our post feminine world, but a punishment from God for not being "responsible."

After my the red on my "letter A" started to fade, I started to dig again. Not only did I find that this Pill was a weapon of mass destruction, I found that a VERY SMALL MINORITY of Christian women who were taking it prayed with their husbands over the decision! That this was a mere dinner conversation or text message, and BOOM! life decision made. But what was a relief is that I found that the majority of women who had stopped using the Pill, or other forms of contraceptives had done so AFTER praying about it with their husband! Testimony after testimony was given to me of the unbearable conviction that both husband AND wife were laden with, that they could no longer continue as they were. Regardless of what it did to their career, or there budget, or their lifestyle.

I have sadly given up my career as "whistle blower" for various reasons, but one thing I still stress to ALL newlyweds, and even couples who have been married for years is to pray fervently and INTENSELY about what decision is right for your family, together. True conviction from the Lord can never be combated against.

Thank you so much for writing this Heather. I hope you are blessed graciously for shedding a light that many of us our afraid to, or have just given up because our arms are tired. Bravo."

Please, please, please. If you or someone you know is taking the pill, have them read this article. There are more important things in life than "fewer periods."


ForHisGlory said...

Mae, you are so right about this! I took the pill for 5 years after we got married because of misinformation not only about the pill, but about the JOY and BLESSING of having children in general! The first time I heard about the pill possibly causing abortions was right after I got married, and it was my husband telling me that a friend had said that. I didn't see how it could be true, and I hadn't heard the full argument, so I blew it off, and I guess he did, too. Years later, I read about it online somewhere, and the more I researched, the more I could no longer keeping taking that pill. I was so grieved; so was Jeremy. I couldn't believe we had just blown off what my friend had mentioned. I wish I'd had my heart in a condition to ask for more information at the time. But I remembered her, and called her to ask for more details about NFP/TCOYF. So don't give up, Mae. Sometimes people's hearts may not be in the right place, and they may get defensive, but I bet they will think about it. I understand your frustration - I, too, felt that my friends would understand and immediately have their eyes opened like I had, but it just didn't happen. God can change their hearts, just like He did mine, whenever they are ready!

Jason & Vanessa said...

This is so true! I went on birth control before we got married because well that's what you do. I never felt totally okay with it. So after a few months of taking it and my husband and I praying about it I went off the pill. I didn't know why but it was not for us. I started researching abortion because I was going to talk to the kids at our church about it and that's when I found out the truth about birth control.

I was reading about the morning after pill and it turns out that it is the same as taking 2 or three birth control pills at once. I couldn't believe it I was shocked.

The more I read the more devastated I became. So we decided then and there I would never take the pill ever again.

I cried and cried and cried when I discovered that the pill could cause a baby not to attach to the uterus. I did have one really heavy period with intense cramping before I stopped taking it and I have always wondered if I was pregnant but my baby couldn't attach.

So six months later my husband and I were getting ready to head to the mission field when we found out I was pregnant.We were excited about the baby but so scared to tell our pastor. Before we got married we were told we should wait 5 years before having kids. So we knew they wouldn't be excited about this.

We told them and it was AWFUL they asked weren't you using protection? They said things like what did you think was going to happen?

The board decided we couldn't go to Africa because the risks were too high to have a baby there and we were crushed! The church had already bought us one way tickets to Africa, we were living with friends paying off Jason's student loans, and we were leaving in less than 2 months.

The Lord totally used it to protect us though because the day we were supposed to leave to go to Africa there were armed men looking for the missionaries we were going to help.

I too have tried to inform Christian woman about these truth and NO ONE wanted to hear it. In fact most didn't even believe me. Some said "well my sister got pregnant on birth control so that can't be true" Really!?! Just think of how many babies could have been aborted before that. Now don't get me wrong not everyone that has taken the pill has aborted their baby but I can't help but wonder how many babies have died just because the pill was so much easier. I too kinda gave up on spreading the word. I still talk about it every once in a while but not nearly enough.

I shouldn't say no one believes me pretty much all the women at our chuirch (not the same one we were going to when we were headed to the mission field) know this to be true and try to tell others.

Keep spreading the word I really wish someone would have told me sooner!

Thanks for posting this.