Monday, August 2, 2010

Not Meal Plan Monday

Because [honestly] I haven't written it yet...there will be no meal plan this week. As you've noticed, I've been recycling a lot of recipes because I DIDN'T get a chance to make them the week before. Exhaustion has totally taken over, but I'm gonna make it!

Today was also recoup, recover and move the crap on day for me.
Last week was SO stressful for me.
"How stressful was it?!?!"
I thought I was gonna miscarry. Twice. I stressed myself out so bad that I thought I was going to have a miscarriage. Once while I was on the phone and another in the middle of the night. I started cramping so bad that I couldn't move my legs. It was horrible.
Every single day last week I ran into a new obstacle. Hypocritical "friends", my photography was severely taken advantage of, my mom getting ready for surgery, horrible catty gossip. Ugh it was horrible. I thought that yesterday it might finally be over, but when we were out the door to go to see a doctor about my cough that's allowed me little sleep, I saw that all of the lemons off of my lemon tree had been picked off. I cried. Seriously. Lemons take two years to ripen. I had just re-potted it and put it on our front porch. On Lily's birthday it blossomed about a dozen new flowers in addition to the half dozen plump little lemons that were already growing. Eamon got so mad. He banged on our neighbor's door and chewed out the mom and her kids for constantly screwing us over. The oldest daughter and mother were really apologetic, but the little girl that did it was being such a freaking brat! I wanted to spank her myself!

So, to keep my mind on lighter things and keep connected with my little baby, Eamon and I have been talking baby names. We won't be finding out the sex again, it's all just part of the birthing experience for us, but we have been talking about all the frivolous things to keep me mood from turning sour.

Boy Names
Finn; Both of us were dead set on this name last pregnancy and decided to throw it in again this time. Finn McCool was like the Robin Hood of Ireland Eamon says, so that's why he likes it. I just loved how unique and Irish it sounded, lol. BUT With Glee starting it's second season, I would NOT be surprised if Finn [the main character] started to become VERY popular
Desomnd; I just like it because my favorite character on Lost's name was Desmond. I won't even deny that. It's the manliest manly name I know of, but it has NO meaning, lol. "From Desmond" isn't much of a namesake!
Rhys; This is officially my personal favorite. It means "passionate, ardent, fiery, zealous" YES PLEASE! Oh, and it's pronounced "reece" but that's the lame girl spelling of it.

Girl Names
Iris; For a very long time I've wanted to have two girls named Lily and Iris. If I had twins last time, they would have been Lily and Iris, but I just got the one ;] Downside? I'm gonna look like a freakin hippie walking around being named Mae with Iris and Lily flower children, lol.
June; This name just sort of came to me. It's kinda country, kinda 1950's lady, fun, elegant. June's got it all.
But guess what? Morgan sent me this link last night "Hipster Baby Names" and both of these are on there :[ I'm thinking about re-thinking them...

OH! And there's a rule out there that everyone seems to be forgetting-
If someone in your circle has a baby named Conor, DO NOT name your baby Conor! That's just crazy to me! Which is why I'm calling these names now, lol. Yes I know I have 8 and a half more months but I'll be damned if someone steals my names. Their pretty unique if you ask me!

Also, did you noticed the colors I picked? Since we don't know if we are having a "pink or blue" we tell our friends and family to chose different colors. Last time we did green and yellow. THIS time, We're doing aqua and tangerine :] And it'll still look great with all of the decor Lily has now.

Well, tomorrow Eamon goes to take a placement test to start college again and we plan on going to see Inception tomorrow night with the Brownings...totally stoked about that!

Hope your week started off great!


Jolee Burger said...

It grieves me to think that there may be more Finns out there. I beg of you, don't do it, and tell everyone else not to do it either. I may have to write the Glee production staff... maybe it's time to kill a character off? (I've never watched it.)

Jolee Burger said...

OK, OK! I'm being dramatic. I really don't care that much. 'Grieves me' is pretty strong terminology. The only thing I have noticed with Finn is that it means THE END, and so people were like 'So you're done then?' It worked well for us... but for you guys... And there are a lot of Fish references, of course, and it is pretty short.
Have you known any Reeses? Would you consider that the same name as Rhys, even though it's spelled differently? (Meaning if you know a Reese you don't like, would that taint your opinion of Rhys?) We did 'Ronin' b/c Andy digs Japanese culture, and it means 'samurai w/o a master' and at the time, I thought that was good... nice and rebellious, but there are many, many times since then that I have thought 'Why, oh why didn't I find a name with the translation: Listens to reason from mother.'

Bueno suerte!!

Mae Burke said...

Hahahahah! I love you Jolee!
Seriously, I might sign a petition, lol. And the Irish meaning that we've found all mean "white, or fair warrior" and I'm just not too down with that anymore, but who knows if it pops out a he and God says "You shall call him Finn" then hot dang, his name with be Finn!

And we don't know any Reeses at all. I have some friends with the last name, but that's all. And from what I've read Reese, Reece, and Rhys all have different meanings. My name means "full of grace, mercy and prayer" riiiight... some translations mean "full of power, mercy and prayer" I think I want the first but end up with the second, lol.

rachel.lyn said...

aww, i will be praying for your little bun in the oven and your stress level. when it rains it pours. seriously.

for the record, Iris came up for me too! I LOVE that name. my husband however, did not. So Willow it is :)