Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Meet Our Baby

We've had a very busy, but GOOD morning here. Lily and Eamon are actually napping together right now, it's really cute.
Well, we were confused as to just how old this baby was [and whether or not it was one or two!] so we went to the ultrasound clinic to check on the bean.

Meet Rhys or Norah [or whatever God says it's name should be ;]
He or she is the size of a little blueberry, only seven weeks old [but somehow still causing quite a ruckus in there!]

Eamon and I have decided to only have one ultrasound unless something goes wrong, and not to find out the sex until his/her birthday so the rest of it's journey will be a mystery to us! We love you SOOOO much little one, even Lily. [Even though she tried to crush you during our sneak peak. She IS sweet, I promise]

Hope you all have a loverly Tuesday!

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rachel.lyn said...

what a little sweet pea...congrats again <3