Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sometimes, I Hate Breastfeeding.

Almost everyone who was pregnant at the same time as me is pregnant again.
For real. And there's a whole nother batch of them coming up and here I am...not. OH WELL.
And I think this is why:
Lily still nurses day in and day out. Stop your underbreath whispering right this minute! Yep, she's one, nope, she's not weaned. Some babies don't get rid of their paci till they're four, so I'm cool with my booby lovin baby.
Wait...did I say that I was cool with it? I only meant part time.

At about 12:30 at night, this mean, anti-booby-sucking, dragon wakes up. She wants nothing to do with being hooked up to a kicking, whining, demanding toddler that wakes up in the middle of the night. And for the past FOUR NIGHTS that said toddler has stayed up ALL. NIGHT. Two nights ago, she finally went to bed at six. AHEM, did you hear me?!?!!? SIX, AY EM PEOPLE!!!! For the past few weeks I've woken up sore from this little girl who demands her mama, and I'm pretty much over it.
Now I know why it's good to extend breastfeeding, I know how lovey dovey it is sometimes, and I even enjoy it in the middle of the day when Lily just plops in my lap and is like "Yo mama, hows it hangin? Wanna gimme a little bit o' milk?" And she just gulps away. BUT HOLY CRAP. It's starting to seem never ending.

Well, anyway.
I've got baked oatmeal in the oven so Eamon will have some food to feed Lily in the morning, a maternity shoot bright and early, and some more intense praying for a job for my honey.
Here's some pics.

Lily's been waking up every week on pizza night AS SOON as the pizza comes out of the oven. I find it pretty funny. Since she's old enough, she def gets her own slice now.
Also, She hates flash.
We've been practicing using a spoon

And this is what we had for lunch today. SO good.

Have a loverly Sunday!


rachel.lyn said...

first of all...i must know what is inside that tortilla you had for lunch! that looks great.

second of all...don't stress to much over the nursing. how many months is she now? I really, really, reeeeeeally dreaded weaning Olivia...not because I didn't want to stop nursing (i was very over it) but because I wanted her to do it on her own time. I prayed for her every single day of the week to decide to stop on her own. When she passed the 12 month mark I thought...OH GREAT...i want more kids and this one is never going to stop nursing! haha...but she did...around 14 months she just decided she was done. she pretty much cut out the day time feedings are 12 months but it was the before bed one that she was hooked on! one night i noticed her being to busy to nurse so i took advantage of it and offered her a sippy cup of warm milk while we did our night time routine. she gulped it down, her belly was full...and from then on that's how it went :) just prepare yourself for some sore ta-ta's for a few solid days!!!!!!! i didn't think i had enough left in me to make me sore but man was i wrong! haha...okay...tmi.

anyway, Lily will stop in due time! You may have to give her a little push here and there if you truly are over it but that's what it's all about little mama. it is only the beginning of gently pushing them along through life in the right directions <3


Mae Burke said...

Haha, Black bean quesadillas! Black beans with mozzarella and feta bc we didn't have any mexican cheeses, lol!

I know, I really do enjoy it most of the time, but the past couple of weeks have just been brutal! Your words were really encouraging and reassuring though, so thank you!!!