Saturday, December 11, 2010

Rat's Nest

Growing up, my mom used to tell us we had "Rat's Nests" in our hair when it was nappy. All of us at one point [with the exception of Hannah, the youngest, I think] had hair down to our butt or longer. I'm half Meskin y'all...that's a crap load of hair. When we'd brush our hair I often remember each of us going to her saying "Mama, I can't get this rat's nest out, can you get it?" when we'd have a particular baseball sized knot or two in our mane's.

Now when I look at my hair...All I see are rat's nests...even though there aren't any tangles.

I promised Eamon to not cut my hair till the baby was born, but when I see pictures of me like this:

All I want to do is chop it.
It's short, easy to manage, COOL...I could go on and on. BUT...I've always been at my thinnest when I decide to cut it like that. *I personally* think very few people pull off "Look at me and my huge belly AND my cute, chopped, trendtastic hair"...very, very few...

On Thursday, Katie and I finally have a hair appointment scheduled. I sent her this picture as a reference of what I'd like to do since I'm trying to grow it out. [NOT THE COLOR PEOPLE...not the color...]

It's not QUITE that long yet, but it's getting there. And I want bangs.

But then I saw that Cole on Pacing the Panic Room got a hair cut.

WHY is she so hot?! WHY?!?!?! I know I should just stop trying to be her, but these pictures made me want to get my hair chopped SO. EFFING. BAD. And, I wouldn't mind having a cute rat's nest of a bang...

What should I do with my rat's nest!?!?


Haha, so I got like three texts tonight [bc you people hate leaving comments...dumb] saying "WHY don't you just cut it?!?" Here's the answer:
He wants me to "Just freakin commit" to growing my hair out...bc I may or may not do this EVERY time I "grow my hair out"... But every time I cut it he says that it's his favorite look on I don't even know why I grow it out, but he DOES NOT want me to cut it [ he says now]

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