Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Karate Kicks

Even though I only have a few weeks left in my second trimester [WHAT?!?!] I'm starting to enjoy this pregnancy more than ever! Our stresses have started to melt away [lets hope it stays that way!] we've gotten to spend some family time together, my hip issues are healing and baby is able to move freely now, I'm eating like a 300 lb man...Things are definitely looking up!

I wanted to share this with you all. I woke up this morning with some amazing karate kicks from Baby. It started warming up last night while I was helping Eamon with his homework, and have been getting stronger ever since :]

Isn't it the best?!?
I hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday and enjoying the crisp air!



Anonymous said...

I'm curious. Why did you decide to stop breastfeeding? I read your blog but it seems vague. Did you stop to get pregnant, make the pregnancy an easier biological load, or because you found it "too stressful"? I know you decided to opt-out of vaccines. Wouldn't it be better to keep breastfeeding in transfer more antibodies to your daughter until she naturally develops a healthy immune system? Thanks for your blog!

Mae Burke said...

Oh wow! I thought I made it clearer, sorry!

Around the time I got pregnant with this one, Lily was getting extremely aggressive about breastfeeding. Biting, yelling, scratching...something seemed very odd about it and I didn't know what on earth was going on. She was also waking up about 6 times a night demanding to nurse, which was very out of the norm by this point. She started "nursing" like a newborn, at least every hour, if not more. I can't remember if we knew I was pregnant yet or not, but know that we found out at around this time, so I think that my milk supply either slowed production or there was a change that Lily was not happy with. Either way, I was determined to continue breastfeeding her, but after running down so much and fearing miscarriage again, Eamon and I started to pray about what we should do and the Lord very clearly told us several reasons why we should start weaning Lily [some I still find very personal to share with you since I don't know who you are ;] So it wasn't entirely our decision, and Lily did very, very well with it. I got my happy baby back, I have been able to show her affection in many other ways instead of always just shoving my boob in her mouth and we all started to get sleep.

I wanted to go two years, but I figure that 13 months was a good run. Luckily, we've been fortunate that Lily is a very healthy baby [peanut allergy and clumsiness aside ;]