Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Daylight Savings Suck & How God Loves Us

Do you see this beautiful, well adjusted, not a care in the world little toddler?

About 5 hours after this picture was taken, she was replaced with a small, terrifying, deafening creature of which the likes of M. Knight Shyamalan could not even imagine.

Daylight Savings Time is such a piece of crap. We've NEVER had issues with the time change before, NEVER! But now I know why toddler moms across America get drunk prepare themselves for this most unholy night of the year. The terror it brings is unmatched.
I'd much rather be creeped out by that one stuffed animal in your kid's bed that looks JUST like another person than deal with the Grimlin my Mogwai turned into.

Until, that is, God gave me a very precious gift.
After about an hour of sitting, ahem, screaming bloody murder, in the hallway over not being able to finish her Bible story because I took a toy away and she threw a fit (Yes, this story actually starts with me punishing Lily by not reading her the bible. Awesome parenting, anyone?) Lily gave in. I heard her apologize to daddy in between her shaky breaths, and heard her chubby baby feet stomping down the hall towards me.
I tried to be all "Ya, you are a bad kid, what the hell have you been doing for an hour, you better not wake up your sister when we get in your room" but God quickly, lovingly, slapped me outta that.

"Hu, hu, Mama?"
"Yes, Lily" (In my stern, but beautiful stepmother voice)
"I-I sthowwy for cwyin mama"
She lets all of her weight fall into my arms and I feel God there with me. Right there.
I have a flash back to minutes before when she was thrashing around in the hallway like an adorable, deadly, miniature killer whale, and I'm asking myself "WHY is she doing this? She's screaming about wanting to go to bed, but refuses, she's doing this to herself!"
But as soon as her chubby cheeks covered and boogers and tears rub up against my chest, and the weight of her little frame becomes heavy in my arms, and I can feel the conviction of her repentance, I feel- and momentarily understand- God's love for us. I can see all the times I've fought Him, though His plans for me are just and for my betterment, thrashing around in a fit of inobedient rage, only to be worn down by His patience (this is where I fall short, naturally) and want nothing more than His embrace.

He is so good.
Daylight Savings Time, is not.

Mark 9:36-37

"Taking a child, He set him before them, and taking him in His arms, He said to them,
"Whoever receives one child like this in My name receives Me; and whoever receives Me does not receive Me, but Him who sent Me." 


eat this AND that... said...

I too have the same instances occurring in my home. I have just recently started to open a bible(on any level). I find it difficult to interpret, but the times that I am actually able to, I find answers to things I will never forget and words to help me through the day, or simply allow my mind to rest at night. Reading your blog helps me to remember how I am not alone in my frustrations. I love your humor/sarcasm. Annnd you should know that I have successfully spent the past 45 min-hour attempting to understand at the most complete level possible for myself just what the passage you quoted meant (for me at least). Thank you, Mae :)

rachel.lyn said...

first of all........I am with you on the daylight savings time!!!!!! AHH! I HATE IT! I feel like I cannot keep up with the day and today I woke up not remembering what day it even was. It's the worst.

and second of all, we have had so many of these moments in our house as well. One time Livi was throwing a fit before bed and I caught myself saying, "alright, fine, I'm just going to go out of the room and we won't say our prayers if that's how you want to be!" and immediately I thought, "ohmygosh. I am punishing her by not saying prayers?! what kind of mother am I!?" needless to say, it was one of those slap on the face moments for me where I realized my need to be a little more patient in the midst of her fits and not throw myself into a tailspin with her.

anyway...thanks for this post. Your humor always brings a smile to my face and it's nice to know I'm not alone in my "awesome" parenting skills. hahaha