Tuesday, April 24, 2012

When You've Had A Good Season

Things around the Burke household have been...GREAT.

The girls are growing so close every day. Norah is so adventurous and bright. Lily is so dramatic and loving.
I feel like God's given me all the things I've asked for.
Amazing friends who are close, wise, funny, Godly.
A house that suits all of our needs. We eat out on the porch at least once a day and have friends over to grill...JUST BECAUSE?! Who does that?! ;]
God led us to a church that believes in spiritual gifts and is disciplining their congregation to learn them, humbly practice them, and grow closer to God through them.
My photography schedule has been appropriately busy, despite how many inquiries I never hear back from and yell at God 'WHY DO YOU CURSE ME SO!?" I'll be sharing some big, exciting, amazing, holy sh- is this really happening/it's about time I'm workin meh ACE off over here news with you all about that soon.

aaaand...best of all...

A huge, gigantic, fantastic prayer has been answered.
Eamon had his first day of exclusive self employment today.
Yep. He's done with the kitchen job and doing what God has been perfecting him to do for the past two years. I'm so proud of him. So. Stinking. Proud. Of. Him.
Life is going to change so much with having us both work at home, but we are ready.

I feel like as I'm writing this, there's so much to say. So much that my God has done that I just want to brag about. He is extravagant!! I feel like I "owe it" to my readers to let you know about all the little details and happenings, but things are just good, friends. So good. And it kinda makes me nervous. Life happens in seasons. So what's next? A lull? A chatastrophe? I couldn't tell you.

We will just continue to soak this all up and love all the moments. In the meantime, take a gander at these two sleeping babes. These will most definitely be hanging in the girls room soon ;]

Happy Tuesday friends!

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rachel.lyn said...

I know EXACTLY what you mean when you say everything is so good it makes you nervous for what's next. Being a worrier, that is often a thought of mine. It's something I immediately have to pray about because I know the devil is a thief of joy!

Love this post, and those two sleeping beauties :)