Monday, August 20, 2012

"You the teacher, I the stupid"

^This gem was brought to you by my oh so intelligent, accidentally hilarious three year old.

Two weeks ago as I was pulling supplies in for our "class" I said
"Lily, we're starting school next week"
"Yes baby, I'll be your teacher and you'll be my student."
"OooOOOooh, you the teacher, I the stupid!"

I should have just returned everything I bought from Teacher's Tools and Mardell's right then and there, but, I soldiered on ;]

This year we are kind of just seeing how Lily learns. We're using a little bit of Charolette Mason, Montessori (go read this blog!), and a little bit of traditional education (as that's what I went to school for). Have I gone a little bit overboard since she's only three? ....maybe. BUT, I am only giving her what she is ready for!

Every morning she helps me prepare breakfast (including some knife skills, setting the table, serving her & her sister's breakfast). Then she cleans up breakfast and we get ready for the day's lesson.
Eamon and I came up with an easy curriculum plan and have activities planned out for each day. Lesson's are about 20 mins long, then we continue to use the rest of the day to intentionally teach her as we cook and clean.

We recently got a cool front in and it was actually 75 degrees this morning. A whole 30 degrees cooler than some afternoons have been here recently. YIKES.
Here's a peek at what school looks like around here :]

 (just a little proof that I actually put SOMETHING up in my room...)

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