Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Falling in Love

These past few months have been a time for change here in the Burke house.

Little by little, God has re-prioritized our hearts and has filled our home with love.

He's been squishing our two sweet sisters close together.

(Lily asked the other day "Mama, who is your favorite sister?" thinking she was talking about my sisters I said "Oh Lily, I love all my sisters the same" to which she said "Oh...it's not me or Nor?" tricky, Lily, very tricky)

He's grown Eamon and I so close...it's like we're falling in love all over again.

And He gave us a baby.

We are pleased to introduce the newest love of our life. This tiny little seahorse will make his or her arrival sometime next May. We know you'll fall in love with him/her just as much as we already have.

I hope you are welcoming the new season of weather changes (however subtle they may be-AHEM-Texas...) with open arms, we certainly are.

"Not one of all the Lord's good promises to the house of

Israel failed; every one was fulfilled."

Joshua 21:45

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rachel.lyn said...

Congrats again, Mae. All these pictures are gorgeous...and those sisters. ahhh...makes me want to go get mine out of bed and squeeze them :)

LOVE LOVE LOVE that Bible verse :)