Monday, May 13, 2013

A Post All About Southernly Things

Phoebe is ten days old... sigh.

Post partum has been VERY different this time around.
Eamon stayed home for a week while I recovered, and finally understands why I am crazy. I guess he just didn't understand the sincerity of my voice when I said things like "She just doesn't stop talking" or "I really did JUST clean that up" or "She JUST pooped, I swear I'm wiping her butt all day" Nope... Now he knows ;]
I took care of myself differently this time as well.
I got my placenta encapsulated and have been taking them along with my other suppliments. It seems to be helping. On the 4/5 day I was pretty weepy, but we'll get to that in a minute, but other than that, I feel a lot more leveled out than before.
Also, instead of using maxi pads that always leave me itchy, I used cloth pads after I was done needing Depends. I stopped bleeding a LOT quicker this time, so wearing a light, breathable cotton liner is much more sensable.

I've been so grateful for all of the meals that have been provided for us, allowing me to stay off of my feet for a bit. Phoebe's labor was long and slow and took a lot out of me. The first two nights she was here, she REALLY wanted my milk to come in and kept me awake for two straight days. But when it finally came in, she has been a great little sleeper. If it weren't for all of the help we've had...wooo, I'd be a zombie!

There's so much you forget about the newborn stage...
It's all about just the two of you, nursing is so innocent, she tries to figure me out as I get to know her... The snuggles, the poopy smiles, the teeny tiny everything... Ahh, I love it!

With the lack of attention, and waaaaaay too much tv watching, Lily has gone back to pushing every possible limit she can. Allowing some grace through this transition is super difficult, but necessary.

And Norah... well Norah is suddenly a big girl. She's a spit-fire who is ready to take on the world, one half eaten crayon at a time...

And lastly...
Next week I'll be all alone with at least two of the girlies while Eamon is in Rockport... getting our new house ready for us.
We're going back.
After Phoebe was born, my FIL called and offered us an opportunity of a lifetime. Eamon will be able to finally finish his degree, we'll be able to pay off debts, and we'll be with our blood family (even though we are leaving all of our chosen family and friends...)

I'll be back with Phoebe's birth  story before we move, promise ;]


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Chelsea said...

The girls are just darling!

Glad you're liking your "happy" pills! I loved mine! Totally felt like it made a huge difference in my recovery.