Monday, July 20, 2009

Mommy Hood Crafts...

Now that its confirmed that I have a baby girl, I can spend my time making all of the precious things that I have been dying to make the past ten months!

Some of you have seen some of the flowers I wear in my hair, and one that I made Miss Lily last week for her photo shoots with our dear friend Michelle...that didn't really go "as planned"

Take One

Take Two

Gosh she's a stink!

But none the less, I think we did get at least one of her wearing it... pictures to come soon.

Well, felt is more my forte, and I saw this lovely little piece on this inspiring blog and have decided to try to make one for me and a miniature one for my Tiger Lily.

I'm really excited to start this project and see how well it turns out.
I am also considering starting a separate blog for all my crafts...then we'll talk Etsy ;]

On the Lily [ah, I just LOVE her name, next baby girl- Iris!] front things have been great.
Not last night, but the night before she looked at me directly in the eyes and just smiled. I swear it was like she was talking to me, whispering sweet nothings through her eyes, patiently awaiting my response. A true glimpse of Heaven.

I will be sharing my birth slideshow as soon as my birth photographer shoots me the link.
I look forward to reading about all of the things that didn't happen this week in your "Not Me Monday's"

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