Sunday, September 5, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Today we went to a water park :] I've been looking for something like this ALL SUMMER, but Eamon found it yesterday...the day before it closes, of course. So today we went to Freebird's, ate like kings [uuuuuuh...I have never in my life had trouble eating a bird, but man OH MAN...this was hard...Little One had me barf-bound all day.] and went to the park for a few hours, it was GREAT!

We didn't get many pictures because we were having SO MUCH FUN, but I did get this picture of Lily eating her "Baby Bird" [the lady that made hers wrapped it like a burrito so I looked in our bag and there were two regular sized burritos and one itty bitty one...almost died] during her break [AHEM...during the "mama just made a huge ass out of herself and busted her lip and almost drowned in the kiddy pool...I wish I was making this up] How could you not love her? HOOOOW?!?!?

And here's a belly shot of this week :] I've still got a lot of extra skin from when I lost all my baby weight that I'm still not too happy about, but hey, shake whatchya workin with, right?

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!!!


Chelsea said...

She looks so tan!!!~

yea for 11 weeks!!!!!

Mae said...

She is! I'm glad she's getting some color, but her hair is getting bu-leached!

rachel.lyn said...

11 weeks! just you is going to fly by for you :)