Thursday, August 4, 2011

Heat Wave

Y'all, someone left the door open to Hell right under Texas.
It was 115 yesterday. One fifteen people. As in ONE. HUNDRED. FIF. TEEN.
We're not allowed to have window units in our upstairs corner apartment [read, surrounded by the sun] so in the evenings it gets up to about 90. People keep talking about rolling blackouts being planned and my husband said that if that happened, he was getting off work and taking us to the mall or something. We will straight up die if we  don't have AC. With our ac cranked it gets up to 90, with out it? I'm sure it'd be hotter than 115. On the news they were talking about a family that fully a bird and veggies in their car. I kid you not.

Every day I just want to strip down to my bones and lay in the tub, because the TUB is cool. Once you start putting water in it, it's warm. Yep, there hasn't been cool tap water for who knows how long. Lily and Norah have been naked.

Here's some link love for ya:
PLEASE help donate to Evelyn and Adeleine
My 4 month old can crawl. True Story.
Chelsea from Us Three Birds just welcomed her sweet baby at home! WOOT VBACs!

Hope your week's been going...well, a lot cooler than ours!


rachel.lyn said...

i thought about you when i was watching the news this morning! one of the anchors was in dallas talking about the heat.

i think it's hot here...i cannot even imagine 115!!!!!!

wonderchris said...

Norah's crawl/scoot is impressive!! Way to go girl!

Sorry it has been so hot - we've been in the low no complaints here!

Just loved Chelsea's birth beautiful!!

Jessi said...

I have to be totally honest: I don't understand the deal with a/c's not working well and rolling black/brown outs because of the heat. In Vegas 115 is cool in August. Sometimes it gets to be 120 and we never had problems. My parents keep their house at a cool 74 degrees all the time. Maybe the power grid here just wasn't built for this? But either way.. it kinda really sucks.