Monday, August 22, 2011

Norah's "Nu-UH" Alarm

See this cutie patootie?

Don't be fooled. Sometimes, she uses her cuteness as a weapon to ward off future siblings.
Let me explain:
Norah is a totally different baby than Lily. When Lily went to sleep at this age, she was out. We were also exclusively cosleeping, we didn't even have a crib for her yet. Life was very different. Norah actually starts  off her bedtime in her own crib and I go get her later in the night to sleep with me so she can nurse. This is perfect because Eamon and I can go to bed and do the daily rundown pillow talk business without worrying about her waking up. We can talk about our dreams of going to Spain, laugh at how much I burned that night's supper, or even fight about how I was POSITIVE I threw that dirty diaper at the foot of the bed away earlier. Little Norah stays sound asleep.
UNTIL her "Mama and Daddy got somethin goin on" alarm goes off in her head.
At first we thought it was just...coincidence, but now, I think there is a "Three Under Three ain't happenin lady" reflex that is programmed into her.
Here's what happens:
Baby is sound asleep.
Mama and daddy laughin it up, brushing teeth, taking showers, flushing toilets, makin general noises.
Baby is sound asleep.
Car alarm goes off in the parking lot.
Baby is sound asleep.
Lily slams her door repeatedly to make sure we know she hates bedtime.
Baby is sound asleep.
There are pit bulls raping each other while a gang of illegal citizens bet the spoiled white kids if the pit babies will be blond or white. [possibly added for dramatic effect]
Baby is sound asleep.
Daddy starts kissin on mama...
Baby throws blanket 5 feet in the air as a result of "alarmed baby arms"
Snickering occurs.
Baby goes back to sleeping soundly.
Sheets rustle.
Baby grunts in disapproval.
Mama and Daddy start discussing why their sweet baby girl hates them so much.
Baby falls back into deep sleep from hearing parents defeat.
Mama thinks the coast is clear.
Baby is sound asleep.
Mama throws leg over daddy's.
Norah let's out a  "nuh-uh-UUUHHH!!!" [not added for dramatic effect. actually happened]
Mama again wonders why she waited for marriage to have sex if it's only happened twice [drastic underestimation for comic effect]

 Clearly, just thinking about it irritates her. ;]

Hope y'all had a great weekend! [don't worry, we did...eventually]

This is the part where I wait for my husband to yell at me about boundaries on the internet....blah blah blah


Chelsea said...

Conrad was the SAME way.

So annoying....

Lily is gorgeous! <3

Sarah R said...

I'm laughing over this because it reminds me of my life thirteen years ago. And I DID end up with three under three. It was fun.

Naya said...

Ethan is the same way. Dave calls him "Daddy's Little Cock Block" :)