Friday, November 25, 2011

"Life's A Happy Song, When There's Someone By Your Side To Sing Along"

Happy Thanksgiving y'all!!
I hope you have a food hangover from yesterday, I know I do ;]

Yesterday these lovely people

Invited these lovely people

to celebrate Thanksgiving with :]

Erin's little boy, Amos, is smitten with Norah.

We ate some really yummy food,
[not food, but they had the prettiest collection of these adorable Russian nesting dolls. RUSSIAN, how did Jesus know I needed some Russian loving friends?!]

tried to get Lily down for a nap

[that fuh.ailed.]

and spent some time with some really great, loving people.

Afterwards we went to the movies. We've heard about this tradition of going to the movies after Thanksgiving dinner, but never really got it. But last week when Lily found out there's a new Muppet's movie, we new this is something we had to do :]

Lily squealed and giggled and cheered "MUSSSEEETTTTSSS!!!" the minute we got to the movie theater and loved every stinking minute of it. We sat in the upper corner by the stairs so she was free to dance, laugh, cheer, clap, whatever she wanted, without interupting the movie. Watching her face light up at the movies is one of the coolest things. Oh, and she didn't have any extra diapers, but didn't have a single dribble of an accident during the movie! We were proud of her ;]

I can't tell you how much I loved yesterday, it was too awesome. The Muppets just topped it off. I feel like WE were the exact target audience. Like that was mine and Eamon's Muppet movie, you know? There weren't any creep-tastic Tim Currie's, only the most hilarious cameos ever, the humor was classic Muppets, a very cute, sweet story, gah, it was all SO STINKING perfect.

Since we all loved it so much, and my 300th blog post is coming up...

I'm giving away two tickets to go and see The Muppets!

To enter: Leave a comment telling me what you were grateful for this Thanksgiving. For an extra entry, share it on your blog or facebook page and leave me a comment saying you did so.
Give away is open to anyone with a movie theater near them!!
Winner will be chosen Tuesday morning at random.

Good luck to you all! Hope you have a nice relaxing, long weekend!


gruvyteacher said...

So much to be thankful savior, my sweet husband, healthy baby girl, fabulous in-laws, a nice roof over my head, clean linens to sleep on, hot water to bathe in, and good food in the fridge...I could go on and on! I am so blessed!

Sarah R said...

I've been doing thankful stuff on my blog, too. You should check it out. I'm stuck working today, but I'm grateful for much...warm coffee on chilly mornings, my husband's arm around my middle while we sleep. Listening to my 13 yr old snore like his father on the couch after too much turkey. I am one blessed lady.

Chelsea said...

I cant' wait to take Conrad to see this movie! Especially after hearing that Lily loved it so much!

Thankful for my health & fam.


gruvyteacher said...

Shared on my fb page

The Urban Poser said...

I'm thankful that I am able to, walk, play, cook, blog and even watch movies. For awhile there it seemed all of that was gone for good. I am most thankful for Gods faithfulness to me through all that I have been through this year!

The Urban Poser said...

Shared on my FB page!

joannalee said...

i was (am) thankful for a selfless husband that loves me tender, my curly blond girl that keeps me laughing and the twinkle in my son's eyes when he smiles!