Saturday, May 26, 2012

Summuh Time is Here!

I would have more time to write if I wasn't busy killing all those crickets that I'm sure you've been hearing chirping around here lately. Sheesh, sorry for the absence.

We went to Rockport, and while we had the least planned of any trip that we've taken down there, we were very busy driving to and from seeing all of our family
In between there, we did get a chance to head out to the beach, just the four of us. It was really nice.

The water was still really cold.
Norah sat at the water's edge and let the waves lap on her legs, the salt water did so good on her skin.

Eamon and Lily combed the beach for sea creatures. I pretended I could see without glasses for as long as I could before I just said screw it. [coincidentally, OR NOT, they broke the next day]

Here are some pictures from our trip! Enjoy!

I don't know how I got such a beautiful family, but I am not complaining!
Have a great three day weekend, y'all.
I'll be back next week to talk about this little fast I've been on.

Lily keeps telling Norah I have a baby in my belly. Either she has the gift of prophecy, or I've been eating too much.
I woke up the other day planning for baby number 3 [my works schedule, that sort of thing]
I'm in no way shape or form pregnant. But I clearly have the fever.
Something's wrong with me.


rachel.lyn said...

thing 1, stunning photos of a beautiful family. as always. you have the gift.

thing 2, lemme hold those bikini bottoms. SO CUTE.

thing 3, i have the fever too. perhaps we'll be prego "together" next go around!


Sarah R said...

I have the baby fever also. Totally understood. Also; I can't believe Norah keeps her hat on. My kids would have ripped that sucker off. I'm impressed.