Saturday, January 12, 2013

Letter to Baby 3.23

Dear Baby,
It was a slow week for us, huh? Mama got this awful cold/flu bug that's going around and luckily your sisters haven't caught it (yet). I am glad you are still so tiny and in my belly because if I was able to hold you this week, I just don't know that I could put you down to not get you sick. Out of ALL the room you have in my womb, you have decided that you like to lay head to toe between my hips, slung low like it's your personal hammock. I am glad you are comfortable, but watch it with the punches, kiddo, I can only go pee a certain number of times a day. Time is quickly ticking by. You will be here before we know it.

All my love,

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1 comment:

Chelsea said...

you look adorbs, as usual!

*I love your shirt, first off. I think Dustin knows every line from that movie!

*and I love this pose. This is the classic pregnant lady stance (or at least was for me). it's the "I'm crossing my legs trying not to tinkle" stance. Perfect pose for a maternity photo! Which i'm sure you're not doing in that photo.... BUT if you were, it would totally fit! My bladder is not what it once was girl, let me tell you! BUT, that's the joy of motherhood!

Hope you're doing well!