Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Just another Manic Monday...

That followed me to Tuesday!

Eamon is at a job interview right now and I'm anxiously waiting around here to watch how it all pans out...BREATH!
We ran around this morning looking for "office interview" clothes at Ross and Target and got some pretty good stuff! I'm just gonna throw out there, my man looks FUH-INE! Katie cut his hair this morning [because let's face it, it looked REAL "My wife cuts my hair, and?"] and then went out and bought a white button up, a sweater vest, nice slacks, dress shoes and socks.

Two points here;
  • One, when we got back to the car Eamon very seriously said "If I don't get this job, this is aaaall going back." Hahaha!
  • Two, can I just say that it takes true love to let your girlfriend make you grow your hair out, dye it red, and wear skinny jeans only to have her become your wife to make you go to Target to buy hair product and a sweater vest? Ha! I love us!

Any way, while at Katie's she showed me her newly rearranged [clean!] bedroom. Oh. My. Goodness. It was adorable, it was comfy, it was [sexy], it was everything I want for our bedroom. Too bad I have a fat six month old [sad day!] that sleeps with us that prevents any of that from happening!

Well, when we finally move that adorable chunk into her own room, I have an idea! Our nickname for Lily is often Tiger Lily. One because she's often growling at things and two because she's rambunctious an incomprehensible like Peter Pan's character, Princess Tiger Lily!

[my upstairs neighbor just came by to borrow an egg! All I can think about is her doing it with her husband! ICK!]

So for our Tiger Lily, I have come up with several ideas, my favorite was inspired by this b-e-a-utiful TeePee that I saw on Smile and Wave not too long ago

Tell me that's not one of the most awesome ideas, ever! We all sleep on the floor as it is, so I was thinking about finding her a toddler mattress and making the teepee big enough to go around the whole bed! Then I could work on the magical bedroom of my own!

Eamon's been gone for over an hour! Good news I hope? Eh? breath....

Oh, and just a quick thank you for all the emails/comments/texts/@replies I got about my Organic Eating post! It really made me feel good to know that people don't think I'm completely crazy. Or dumb. Ok, maybe you think I'm just one and not the other. I will try my best to be diligent about posting every Sunday about food. YUM!

Now I have to make my shop presentable since mae flowers [which is closed while I'm putting new lovely things up] will be on Etsy's Cozy Home and Attire Showcase starting tonight at Midnight! Also, my new friend Chelsea over at Three Birds is having a giveaway soon!

Now to continue playing the waiting game...eeeek!

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