Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012. Let's Do This.

Wowee Zowee.
It's been about a month since my last post. Oops.
But it's been a CRAZY month, and now it's a whole new year!

We went to Rockport and visited all of the Grandmas and Paca's [Lily's word for her grandpa's. She can say grampa, but calls them Paca. It's so funny] We were blessed with the funds to go on the trip buy friends and family and then when we got home my friends Erin basically gutted our apartment and made it sparkle. It was a Christmas miracle. And...don't tell the girls...but since we were out of town and my sewing machine didn't fit in our trunk...they, err, uh... didn't get Christmas presents from us... *crickets* Ya... I mean they got the Jesus storybook bible from us and loads of toys from grandparents, but as far as Lily was concerned, it was Jesus's birthday! I'll post Christmas video soon to prove that they weren't miserable deprived orphans, but I gotta say, while Facebook was a total pain in the ass with all of the "LOOK WHAT I GOT FOR MY KIDS!" posts ...I kinda liked just doing Jesse Tree activities and baking a birthday cake for Jesus! Our plan is to gift the girls when we move later this month [more an that later...fingers crossed] and while I know it won't be this easy when they're older, it worked for us this year!

And now it's January first!
Before I get in on what I'm gonna do this year, here's what I said I was gonna do last year :]

  • Make sure my friends know how much I appreciate them 

  • Start Pre-School material with Lily after Baby comes

  • Potty train Lily at night.

  • Get down to 155 lbs by the end of the year [I CAN DO IT!]

  • Do this devotional with Eamon. [I'm reading a Sacred Marriage right now, SO good!]

  • Find a church where I can feel Jesus again.

  • And of course, meet this little person ;]

Let's see how we did
  • Check! I've been picky/cautious/intentional on who I've invested my friendship in as well as what I've invested. Girls, this year has been awesome. While I knew what it was like to have girlfriends, have mature adult relationships with other women who are raising their children is TOUGH! But letting my guard down with these few girls has allowed God to teach me in amazing ways, I hope you know how much I love you and value our friendship <3
  • ...Uh, half check? Everything I've been reading leads me to believe that Lily isn't ready for what I had planned, and won't be till after this summer, but I have started more activities with her! I really hope that this house comes through because the laundry area is big enough for a craft/classroom! So eager!
  • I looked at that way less than I did in 2010, and a lot of things were way more chaotic because of it
  • Negative, BUUUUT we have gone out several times with ZERO accidents. Pee or poop!
  • Sittin pretty at 152, ah thank you. Actually, this is ONLY because I can't eat any dessert or cheese covered anything because of Norah's sensitivity.
  • Negatory.
  • We went to our home church this month and...sigh...overcome with Jesus. But we have been to church every Sunday, including today for the past month+! Not the same one, but we're planning on revisiting the one we went to this morning. Lily went to Sunday school for the last 15 minutes of the sermon and... LIKED IT! No tears, just said "Kay mama, Love you, bye!" ...WHAT!? Whatever... ;]
  • C.H.E.C.K. Norah. My sweet, wonderful, youngest daughter. I have met her and love her like I didn't know I could. Thank you Jesus, I couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family <3

So on to 2012!

  • Participate and finish the 366 Project. Day one is already started over at my page just for it, I'll update it weekly with phone pics and for real pics. PUMPED. I'm very excited to see how the Lord shows me his mercies and blessings every. single. day this year. I'm ready for it Lord.
  • Move into a house. Like I said before, this is in the works, but just when we got the move in date, we hit a snag...praying that the Lord is working out something great.
  • Become the kind of supportive wife that Eamon needs me to be in order for the start of his business to happen successfully.
  • Become more passionate about being a respectful, honorable, loving daughter to my mother to lead by example for my girls.
  • Have 4 dates with Eamon. [2011 consisted of ZERO dates for Eamon and I. Not a one.]
  • Start Lily's homeschooling.
  • Grow out my hair before I get pregnant again.
  • Plant a successful garden.
  • Read 12 [non parenting] books.
  • Run a race.

Soon I'll post video of our Christmas adventures. Hope you all had a fantastic, peaceful holiday season. I can't wait to see what this year is going to bring!


rachel.lyn said...

those pictures are SO sweet.
that Norah is a little heart stealer.

looks like you accomplished most of your goals...go girl!

Whittney said...

All lovely goals!

Jessi said...

I really like your 2012 goal list. I think they are all attainable! Especially the 4 dates one. I need to add that to my list. We were grateful to have a total of 4 last year, 3 because of grandparents and 1 because I made myself and left Isaac with a friend.

And I'm really hoping the house goes through for you guys! That would be so amazing. Especially if you're going to be growing your adorable family :)

ps- Norah's hat in those last pics is so cute! And she is a beautiful model for it.

Mommypotamus said...

Love that you are doing the 366 project! This is going to be a great year with LOTS of progress <3