Sunday, November 4, 2012

Letter to Baby | 3.13

We just finished our 13th week and are safely in the second tri!! WOO HOO!

Here's a little bit of what went on this week:
Mama got no sleep. Norah Jean has decided to snuggle with us every night and I'm letting her-for now. Soon you're the only babe I'll be able to hold in my arms and we'll cuddle uninterrupted. But for now, we share ;]
You started fluttering up a storm this week. There was one day where I hardly felt you at all. I ate a super spicy chili for dinner and when I laid down to (try to) go to sleep I felt you do little flips every time my stomach made noises. It was adorable.
I let myself (again) eat "normal" foods and find myself much more morning sickness prone than a few weeks ago. So (for real!) back to my boring, restrictive diet. We'll find out in a few weeks at our next midwife appointment how happy all this sugar and cheese and eggs makes our midwife too ;]

We went to a baby shower this week for your friend Ivy Burke (no relation, but you will be total bffs) and it reminded me of the long chains of celebrations we'll be having before we meet you. As your sister has kept me up at night with her never ending scratching, I'm still fervently praying for no allergies and no skin issues for you-for both of our sakes. I've picked out a few names for you if you are a girl, and Daddy is totally in charge if you are a boy...which is scary ;] I love you and can't wait to go on our little trip together, just me and you this coming week <3 br="br">
All my love,

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