Friday, November 16, 2012

Letter to Baby | 3.14 & 3.15

We're officially into the second trimester and rounding out week 15.
My trip to Austin didn't work out and the past few weeks have {honestly} been a blur of  tears and yelling and sleepless nights and looking for help. You are growing so fabulously, hearing your heartbeat at our midwife appointments just brings so much joy to my heart. Physically we are doing great. We need to go see Dr. Hickey to go get us tested for allergies so you don't end up Itchy Baby #2, but we really are doing well. Emotionally, I'm ready for all of these ups and downs to even out so this pregnancy isn't the one I remember as "the one I was too hormonal to function" but we will get there. Daddy is in Oklahoma for the end of week 15 and I hope he comes back refreshed and ready to start changing course for your arrival!

All my love,

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