Saturday, December 8, 2012

Letter to Baby: 3.18

Welp, I lied.
No mid-week post from the Burkes.

We had a tremendously busy week, something every night which is very different for us. With giving more intentionality to living communally and missionally, and having the Christmas season to celebrate all sorts of fun, we have been worn out with socializing, but it's a good worn out.

This pregnancy's been so emotionally tough, that I've had to accept that this may be my last pregnancy and cherish it as if it is! I doubt we won't have new additions to our family in the future, but knowing how hard this one has been makes me a little wary.

I'm headed into week 19 (whoa.) and still feeling great, but definitely starting to feel "pregnant". No hiding the bump any more. (Well, I would think, it's still so funny to me when people are like "Ohmygosh! I didn't even know you were pregnant!" I think..."uuuuhhh...then how exactly do you explain >this
Since this is the point most people find out if they are having a boy or girl, we've been talking about baby names. We like Phoebe for a girl and we've talked about Sterling for a boy's name (first or middle). But of course, you can come out and surprise us and let us know what your name is :]

You are growing fantastically, sweetie. I can feel you stretched out from my belly button to my hips, pushing every which way, swimming around in your little home. I think all that sparkling water and pepper flakes got to you as you keep getting the hiccups. Learning to breath is tough work ;]. You played a joke on daddy this week when he said "I don't wanna feel, the kicks are always too little for me to notice" and BAM, you gave him a nice big kick that moved his finger. Cannot wait to hold those sweet little toes in a few months. We have decided on a girl name and are still working on a boy name, but have a meaning as we pray and learn about who you are.

All my love,

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