Saturday, December 29, 2012

Letter to Baby: 3.21

Today I am 22 weeks, here's how this past week went:

-spicy cravings are in overdrive. I fermented peppers and jalepenos. Note to self: STOP EATING THEM BEFORE BED (hashtag, pregnancy dreams are for suckers)
-this was the first week of daddy being at work full time, and I did it! I didn't go hide in my room but once ;]
-Norah held a newborn for the first time this week, and while she looked at it like it may actually eat her at any moment for a few minutes, she then snuggled it and gave it kisses and pet it's precious newborn hair. It's so hard to imagine that Lily was exactly this age when Norah was born.

Dear Baby,
Happy Christmas, Little one! Since your sisters both came at 41 weeks, I will go ahead and say that I'm officially over halfway to your due date, but who knows! I'm happy to let you pick your birthday, we'll celebrate whenever you are ready. We celebrate the birth of our Savior this week and it had me thinking of you so frequently. I hope we bring you close to Him, show you His love, raise you with His passion. You were made on a very magical night when there were thousands of stars whirling about the heavens, fighting for our attention, but they were no competition for Love. I felt the Lord tell me shortly after that I was going to be entering a season of Peace, and then we found out you were on your way. When we spend time together at night, I call you my Little Star. I am confident that you are sent from our Father, little one, and that you will lead people to worship Jesus. I can't wait to know you more.

All my love,

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