Saturday, December 29, 2012

White Christmas

We had a quiet Christmas around here. Woke up, opened a few presents, made a giant(ish) breakfast, laid around in our PJs, and all of a started to snow. I don't think I've ever dressed the girls that quickly. Not in their whole life. Lily loved it, Norah...wanted to, husband wanted nothing to do with it ;] The girls had "snow icecream" for snack that day and the two days that followed (or back porch doesn't get any sun on it, so the snow didn't meal until the temperature raised) I made my first Christmas dinner all by myself (E usually does it) and actually went to bed early. It was a good day. There were few "Mama, are you happy? Or stressed?" inquiries from Lily, both girls enjoyed their sweet toys that our very generous friends from DC sent them, and I didn't clean a thing except dinner dishes. It was nice :]

Hope your Christmas was peaceful and you are gearing up for a fabulous New Year!


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