Thursday, May 6, 2010

Cinco De Mayo

On Eamon's lunch break, we all went to the pool for the first time this year! Lily thought the water was just too cold, and we have some very cute pictures to share. And I tell you what, girlfriend got TAN! We were only out there for 20 minutes, TOPS!

This was her face for the first five minutes:

Then I got her to warm up, but just a little bit, lol!

Here's some [rather adorable!] video:

Then Kissy and Tex came over. I think we may make a habbit of getting together weekly, just bc we love each other, that'd be awesome!

Mmmm...and then there was dinner.
I had to tweak my jambalaya recipe to something more suitable for this Mexican holiday. First, what was I gonna do with all the black eyed peas I soaked?

I'll tell you what! A wonderful, fresh new take on rice and beans. Black eyed peas with brown rice, stewed tomatoes, some spices and cilantro. Yuuuum...

And what about all that wonderful shrimp that we bought the day before? Well, marinade it in orange, lemon, and lime juice with red onions, cilantro, and chili powder of course!

This is the finished product, a bit more work than I usually do, but it was SO worth it!

Eamon made virgin margarita's for the first time. I totally see the appeal in these now. It like a salty slushie!

And FINALLY, dessert. OHMUHGOODNESS. Avocados split, seeded, peeled all as a vessel for red bean ice cream and cinnamon sugar, drizzled with chocolate. I died. Really, stone cold death. It's a miracle I'm talking to you today. So that definitely surpassed my refined sugar quota for the wee...month.

And, if you can't guess it, all of this Mexican food gave me insane, stressful, nightmares. It reinforced my decision to NOT have a Mexican night at our house.

---hehehe! Lily just brought me the jar of dried mangos to give one to her. THAT was freakin adorable.

Hope you all had a great day yesterday, and an even better one today!


Karissa said...

it was fun!
and that food looks SO good!
love you.

rachel.lyn said...

ummm...i am drooling.
you should seriously consider posting these recipes!
pretty pleeeeeease!

i LOVE black eyed peas (my grandma makes them so yummy) and i tried to make them the other night and much to my dismay they did not turn out to good. when olivia doesn't like something i know it's bad cause she eats EVERYTHING! haha

Mae Burke said...

HAHA! That is TOO funny, Rachel! Same with Lily