Friday, May 21, 2010

Preparing for Vacation, Oximoron?

Sorry for my absence! I have been getting our house ready for vacation!
We leave Monday night after Eamon gets off work and are headed to Rockport! Woo!

I try to post some sneak peaks of a maternity shoot I'm doing Sunday [YAY!] and then our vacation meal plan. Very, VERY excited to spend a whole week with my little trio and see our family :]

I got my macro lens today, and played around with it for a bit today...

AND Our tomato plants are going crazy! We've got about 2 dozen tomatoes growing.

I may or may not be holding one of our plants up with an old guitar stand...

Well, hope your Friday night is lovely, back to packing and planning and cleaning for me ;]


rachel.lyn said...

ohhhh those tomatoes look yummy! i have been eating tomatoes like crazy the past few weeks. this baby in my tummy craves them. haaha...

can't wait to see your maternity shots :)
have a good vacay!

katecreate said...

Great photographs. I hope you have a great week!