Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Birthday's with Eamon

I've celebrated my birthday with Eamon since I was 16 years old. Six. Teen.

16- Had a bowling alley costume party. Eamon and his band mates showed up and we both swear my parents were going to kill him. Most awkward birthday ever, lol
17- I had 3 parties that year! My family threw me a small one, the ladies at the title office that Eamon, all his friends, and I worked at threw me one, and Eamon threw me a surprise one at our friend Daniel's house. It was awesome.
18 - I was on my first plane ride to Thailand! I spent the majority of it on a plane...longest birthday ever considering it lasted like TWO days because of the hemisphere change, lol. I cried for like 5 minutes and wouldn't walk on the pea shooter of a plane that flew from Corpus to Dallas.

19- well...we just got married two weeks earlier, so we SHOULD have been doing something else, but a friend was in labor, so we watched her friend's little boy that night. We got to play parents for a night and it made me want kids SOOOO badly!
20- I was miserable, lol! I was almost a week overdue with Lily and in false labor.
21- we took that little almost one year old out to our local sushi bar for karaoke :]

Today we are takin it easy and I think I'm going to be taking Lily's two year pictures, yay! We're having a dinner party next week that I'm super excited about though!

Happy [birthday] Wednesday!


wonderchris said...

Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy.

.::hunter::. said...

Happy birthday Wednesday!
I'm one of those random strangers who reads your blog... ;)
AND we share a birthday. AND I've shared my birthdays with my hubby since I was 16. AND we got married 2 weeks before my [our ;)] birthday. AND my momma always made a huge deal about birthdays and it's the first one without her close by so I know what ya mean.

And that all just seemed too freakin coincidental.

so HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. :) have a great one. just remember that all those 4th of july fireworks are just an early celebration for us!