Monday, July 4, 2011


I sold my camera yesterday...I'm kinda panicking waiting for my new one.

Goodbye Midge, you will be missed :[

Last night I thought, "Why blog if I don't even have pictures?"
I mean, obviously takin pictures is what I do, but should that really stop me from blogging? Then I thought about why I blog. I've always had a weird relationship with blogging. Sometimes I blog and I can't believe that there are strangers out there who read all of these personal details and I wonder why they care to stop by. Other days it irritates me that my mom is reading about how I hadn't had sex for 4 months, but could care less that someone in Australia knows. Weird right?
I've always tried really hard to not be self absorbed or make my blog about what I wear day to day, there's plenty of that out there already. I don't have groundbreaking research on what wine is best for you [although, I've discovered hard apple cider is the shit] or how to feed your family on $2 a day organically [if there's someone out there who does, you hook me up with that blog!] Lately I've been struggling on what to say here since my professional career is picking up. What do I want people to already know about me? Will people not hire me if they know I talk about Jesus in the same post as talking about how hard apple cider is "the shit"? It's all kind of daunting.

Just kinda thinking out loud today.
Those of you who are the prayin type, keep us in your prayers. My birthday's Wednesday [my family used to make a BIG deal of birthdays and we haven't really since we've been married, it's a hard adjustment for me] and Lily's is Friday [and Rusty's is Thursday!], I'm trying to figure out what direction to push my photography, we're hopefully moving into a house soon [PLEASE pray for that!] and somehow I've got to figure out how to go see me family as most of them haven't seen me since Lily was about 15 months.

Somehow I have a three month old baby

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Chelsea said...

Rusty's birthday gets recognized? You crack me up.

Check the mail in a week or so....birthday girl.