Friday, July 8, 2011


My Lily Annette is two years old.

This evening we drove around [read, got lost] in search of a particular location to take her hour later... I just pulled over. And as luck would have it, some Brahmas showed up.

The personality she has developed this past year makes me fall so deeply in love with her.

She loves adventure

But still approaches situations with the most earnest of child-like timidness.

The ten tiny toes I had Eamon count over, and over, AND OVER when she was born have taken her to so many places.

I can never give the Lord enough thanks for my motherhood through Lily.

I feel like I love her like no one's ever loved anyone else in this world. Like no one can possibly understand my love for my beautiful girl. Tonight I did her hair all pretty and got her all cleaned up, she looked gorgeous, but it just wasn't "Lily." I took her hair down, she got it nappy in no time, and I just enjoyed the scenery that God laid before me. Seeing how small she was compared to the cows and watching her chest rise in excitement every time a cow moo'd struck me with awe at our mighty God. How he love us....

We'll be celebrating her birthday this weekend with a few friends, I'm so excited for her.
You can read her birth story here and watch her birth slideshow here.

Have a wonderful weekend all!


rachel.lyn said...

MAE....these are GORGEOUS. every last one!
you are so blessed with such lovely girls.

and i must ask, where is her dress from?! olivia wants to know ;)

Mae Burke said...

Aww, thank you Rachel!

I actually got it as a hand-me-down. I've been waiting for her to fit into it for some time now!!!

Chelsea said...

great shots! i think the location with the cows is perfect!

Happy birthday to lil' lily!

(and she's even looking into the camera!!!)

rachel.lyn said...

ahhh yes....most of olivia's best clothes are hand-me-downs! those are the greatest :)

it looks beautiful on the birthday girl!