Sunday, September 25, 2011

Fall Fashion Week - Sunday

All mom's go to the grocery store in sheer tops don't ya know... ;]

Norah & Lily are wearing
Norah [she has eczema for my non regular readers]
Bow: Made
Cord Dress: Consigned
Diaper: Peed in
Top: OshKosh Consigned
Tights: Consigned
Way frikkin cute shoes not pictured: Consigned

Today I'm wearing: [please ignore the dumb face and spit up on clothes.]
Flowers: Made
Top: Ruche gifted
Pants: Land's End gifted [these were my "one day when I'm skinny enough I'll get to wear these" pants. AND THEY'RE BIG!!!]

I'm pretty sure within the next two days my outfits are going to come to a screeching halt ;]
Happy weekend all!


Lea said...

Your babies are so precious!!

And I lovely top you're wearing!

Chelsea said...

I like the top and YAY for pants that are getting too big on you!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) I love that feeling.

The girls are so so sweet.

PS, ON AN "I could wet my pants but i wont" moment, I'M GOING TO SEE YOU IN, UM, IN 5-ISH DAYS!

Dust just reminded me that I get to go spend a few days with girlfriends, yesterday when I was having a major hormonal melt-down and it suddenly perked me up and put a smile on my face!


KristinChaos said...

You ladies have some really nice head accessories!

P.S. I had such bad eczema when I was your daughters age! It got much better as I grew older!

deanna@delirious-rhapsody said...

i love this entire outfit. :)

Lexi said...

Your kids are adorable! I love how feminine the top is, you look beautiful!

Jessica said...

I adore your top! So feminine and pretty! And your daughters are so precious! I love Norah's headband!

E said...

Love that top, the shape and the print. So fun!

Stephanie said...

Um, am I the only one thinking you are trying to announce something with the two months comment??? :)

Peace Love and Leener said...

So pretty and YAY that the pants are now too big!

rachel.lyn said...

so cute!
olivia had that exact dress that Norah is wearing when she was a baby :)

Mae Burke said...

Stephanie you're crazy, TWO DAYS! As in, I don't have many clothes. Crazy. ;]

Mrs. Bianca said...

I love that top! Very chic!