Monday, September 19, 2011

Our Weekend in Pictures: Summer's winding down

Holy smokes people, we saw The Lion King.
I was extremely excited to take Lily to see it. It was the first movie I ever saw in theaters, I was thrilled that it came back out :]

After the movie was over we walked outside to an amazing downpour. We were supposed to make pizza, but we decided to go to Freebird's instead. How can you go wrong with The Lion King and burritos? [Lily's been roaring all weekend, hilarity.]

While I was getting ready for a friend's birthday brunch, Lily decided to get all dressed up too ;]

Later that evening, Eamon had a [long ass] business call which left me trying to get the girls to stay quiet for THREE HOURS. So...while I was supposed to be making pizza for dinner, Eamon said we should go out. So to Southlake we went for Central Market!

I actually took the girls out all by myself to the grocery store, it went so smoothly! Thank you, Jesus.
I got lots of editing done, made some FANTASTIC golden chicken broth and then made pizza for dinner :]

Right as we were getting Lily ready for bed, it started pouring outside again :] Lily and Eamon went out on the stairs and watched. Gah, I love them.

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!
Happy Monday,


gruvyteacher said...

i love your pictures! You capture such sweet moments (them on the stairs watching the rain-presh)! And congrats on the Blogher!

Chelsea said...

Dustins going to take C to see LIon King while i'm gone! (And he's going to try to potty train him that weekend! Should be interesting.)

That pizza looks yummy & I love the rain picture!