Monday, September 26, 2011

Our Weekend in Pictures: Mama Can't Cook

Ok, I can.
And I do. ALWAYS.
But I was not feelin it this weekend.
We were supposed to make pizza Friday night.

We went to the chiro's to get adjusted and afterwards, I was just not feelin messin' with dough.
SO we got Cafe Medi.

Saturday I woke up at 5:45 to play with new editing software I got [Shoot me in the face. Hate/Love this side of digital photography] Headed out to a shoot at 8, shot til 10, went to JBF [and KILLED 42 items including pjs, pants, shirts, sweaters, coats, tights, leggings, onesies, and shoes! for $140] Came home, ate lunch, cleaned house, went to another shoot at 5 shot til 7 and was like. Shit. I have to make pizza. Passed a BBQ place and was like...YES that's what I want. Called Eamon to get Lily dressed [Norah was screaming her head off with me]


That BBQ place was apparently the most popular place in town so we went to another and it was DAMN good. They just got done with a rush so they didn't have much left so they basically gave us a bunch of free food. It was fantastic.

This is what Lily decided to wear when she got ready for bed :]
Eamon went to get her the next morning when she woke up and found this :

Sunday we did the Central Market thing. By last night I chugged my cider before my pizza was even halfway done, put the girls to bed, and called it a night!

This week I've got to edit all of this weekend's sessions to get ready for our weekend in Austin. We've actually never taken Lily! It was supposed to be a me and Norah trip but I couldn't leave them with no car and...shh, I still have never spent a night without Lily! SO I decided to make a family trip out of it :]

I'll be back later with some Fall[ish] Fashion
Happy Monday!

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