Thursday, September 29, 2011

Togetherness Anxiety Caused by Separation Anxiety

[I've been editing ALL. WEEK. So I haven't had any time to do Fall Fashion week :[ so bummed!]

Right now I'm in the thick of it with Norah. On top of the normal six month [holy crap :[ she's six months old!] old "If you are more than two feet away from me I might die, or at least cry like I am" I'm having to constantly deal with her little cheeks :[
I actually was able to put her in her crib one night, but when I got up to get her in the wee morning, I didn't notice that when she woke up crying she scratched up her cheeks so bad her pillow case and sheet were blood stained :[ I've restricted my diet so much, it's really getting to me. It's not like when you're trying to lose weight. If I cheat, Norah suffers terribly, it's not like I just won't get to a goal any faster or something. I've lost all 30 pounds of the pregnancy plus 15 because of the diet. BUT I'm struggling because I know how wonderful real dairy and eggs are for you. Ugh. This is a constant issue in my head right now.

Hopefully I'll be getting a break! We're going on a mini vacation to Austin tomorrow :]
I get to hang out with this lady

And this lady

[she's gonna kill me]

So these ladies

and this lady

and these babies

All get to hang out!
There will be lots of vegan food with a side of steak, pedicures, baby playing, hotel pool swimming, room trashing, tons of pictures and most likely a tad bit of poop and blood that follow the Burkes everywhere ;]

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!


rachel.lyn said...

love that picture of chelsea! perfect.

and you ladies have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shianne said...

Tooootally get the food restrictions!! No eggs, dairy, wheat, soy or little bite and within a day or two, welcome back eczema. To say I've gotten creative with what I can have is a gross understatement :-)

Chelsea said...

that's a really attractive picture of myself.

thank you.

I had fun friend! Glad we were able to do that!