Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting Over Valensuck Day

My inbox is starting to get flooded with cute Etsy Gift Guides for Valentine's Day.

This in particular made me laugh when I saw it this morning

...Might have to make some faux-screen prints in this fashion to hang over our bed ;]

But more and more every year, I get weary of Vday...
Since I was 15 years old, I have made plans- ahem- extravagant plans for Eamon and myself, and every year, though they have become less and less extravagant, they fall through more and more. So much to the point that I have really just about given up.

The following is a real life pillow talk conversation via the Burke's bed:

Eamon "We could get someone to watch Lily and get a hotel room for the night?"
Me *crickets*
Eamon "...maybe not stay the whole night?" [thinking I was freaking out about leaving Lily. We STILL have never spent the night away from her]
Me "No hotel worth staying in rents hourly rooms...that's gross"
Eamon "...weeeell..."
Me "I mean...why would you want to go to a hotel? All we'd do is watch tv. I can't have sex in there knowing someone else has. [We were the couple that drove EIGHT HOURS home after our wedding so we could finally do it. I was NOT about to lose my virginity in some hotel room. Grosses me out...] I mean, I guess there's the appeal of ordering drinks in bed, but HELLO" [referring to the growing mass of life squished between us]
Eamon "Ya...I guess you're right"

Totally. Crushed.
I knew what he was thinking of. He was thinking we'd get all Mad Men'd up and hit the town Draper style

And that by the end of the night we'd end up in the Sweetheart's Suit where I'd be wearing something like this

But come one, there are already SO many impossibles to that situation. [One being...well, me having January Jones's body...]
What's a wife to do?

So this year, we've decided to do it big, but with little expectations. Let's face it, every year I make plans, they don't work out, I end up crying like a five year old, and no one wants to get sexy with a sobbing five year old trapped in a grown woman's body. [If you do, you need to talk to someone about that...] So we've planned sushi and a movie. And it won't be on valentine's either. We don't want to go out and see all the nasty couples at the sushi bar who think it's appropriate to get drunk and molest each other because they're out eating sushi [WHAT IS UP WITH THAT? Eamon used to see it AT LEAST once a night at the gross] And, more practically, it'll be impossible to find a sitter that night ;]

So what do you have planned for Valentine's Day? Hot night out? Hot night in? Burning cards and boxed chocolates in protest?


Here's my 30 Weeks old belly

I need ideas for my maternity shoot coming up. I'm praying it snows again...that would be so amazing.


Chelsea said...

Emon might be grossed out by us then. I bet we're annoying to be around when we're out wihtout the baby! We're so giddy and excited to be away-and i'm sure we molest eachother with our eyes. So gross. But true! People put so much pressure on holidays. You have to get the perfect gift, take the girl somewhere nice, find a cute outfit. it's a lot of pressure. I just want a dessert from whole foods and dustin to come home early from work and give me a break so i can go take a bath. that's romance to me!

Mae Burke said...

Haha! Hear, hear, Chels :] Baths...even though they are alone, are particularly romantic to me!
And you probably don't hold the candle to the people we've seen, tongues in places they shouldn't be when in public, or eating for that matter [other people's mouths, ears, other weird...weird places] hands in clothing that should be more secure, TOES in places they shouldn't ever be....people are weird.

rachel.lyn said...

ahahaha...first, this post cracks me up!

and second, i'm with chelsea...a husband who can come home early, watch our babes, while i go take a steaming hot bath...with earphones in so i don't have to hear if one of them starts crying. that sounds like PURE BLISS!

instead he will probably forget it's valentine's day until my mom drops hints via text message to him and on the 14th he'll come home with a sappy card and a bad box of chocolates from the drugstore. hahaha...such is life :)