Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Name Rant

Every night before we go to bed this is what I say to Eamon

"...Sooooo, are you still attached to Sean?"

That's Eamon's boy name. Sean Michael Burke. I told him that if we have a boy that he could name him [stupid, stupid, stupid woman] since I named Lily pretty much on my own.

Now if you remember [way back in week FI-VUH people!] I really am attached to the name Rhys. I love it. I love it's meaning, I love the way it sounds "Rhys Burke", I love imagining saying "these are my kids, Lily & Rhys." We were in love with Finn, but every trendy mom-to-be has a kid named Finn and I will not continue to take my kids to the playground and have them being confused with all of the other kids parents' calling their names. It's ridiculous.

Today I get on to research some more about baby names, and I'm finding more and more moms having Rhys on their list. WHY?! WHY, WHY, WHY?!?

Am I being a little dramatic...probably...
But the closer we get to having this baby, the more anxious I am to meet him or her and finally call them something other than Baby :]

We're set on our girl name, Norah Jean, but still working on a boy's [...I guess ;] What are your favorite boy names?

Since I've got my feathers all ruffled up, here's the funniest thing I've seen in a while. [click on the link to read the full book. Eamon's pretty fluent in German, so we had a good laugh!]

I can't wait for Lily to ask us all of the weird sex questions. She's probably gonna be that kid that knows too much that other parents won't let their kids around...poor thing.


Chelsea said...

Um, I've met FOUR Conrads that are all under the age of 1 that all play at the play ground right by my house.

Go figure right. I thought I was so cool and original but not so much!

Fynn's a cute name. They're all cute names. I really love the name Moses. Boy names are hard though. Norah's so sweet. I like it.

rachel.lyn said...

i like Norah also...beautiful choice.

i didn't know Olivia was so popular until after my little girlie was born and started noticing Olivias all over the place! it's okay though...she mostly goes by Liv or Livi these days. I don't see Willow catching on any time soon though...hopefully!

as far as boy names...the one boy name i kept coming back to (before we knew willow was a she!) was Ephram. i don't know why. i just love it.

joannalee said...

Oh my goodness, that video book thingy. So i click on it, laugh all the way through, keep clicking, and i'm like, geez, how many babies are they gonna have, this is hilarious?! then i realize by looking up at the page numbers that it had just kept starting over. i'm such a dork. that or i'm fascinated with sexual reproduction.
I say if you both like Finn then go for it, who cares if there are a bunch of 1-2 year olds with that name, that could totally change when your baby is a little older especially if you move. Of course, again, I think it's Norah ;) which is beautiful!