Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Weekend In Photos

I know the week's already halfway over, but here are some more pics from this weekend :]


We went to Homestead Farms for Earth Day

We grocery shopped and had an amazing time out with the girls at a bbq for one of our friends. It was the first social gathering that we've been to with them both and while it was a tad bit stressful, I think we did great!! Lily came home and went right to bed while the rest of us stayed up listening to night one of the never-ending nights of thunderstorms :]


We went to our friend's house for another cook out! Kissy, Cameron, and Zsanae put together a little egg hunt, Lily had a blast! [I was nursing during this so daddy was in charge of the camera, lol]

Norah will be a month old tomorrow....holy cow.

Lily's very ready to be done being cooped up inside all day...

Hope you're all having a great week!!!

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Chelsea said...

great shots. I can't believe Norah's already a month old!!!! wow!