Friday, April 15, 2011

Motivated to Move

When I was on bed rest with Lily, I milked it. Didn't get outta bed unless I had to pee or eat for a while. When Eamon was home I said "But I just had a baby" more than I even thought possible. But the pass few weeks, staring at these same four walls, with the same 21 month old bouncing off of them, being hooked up to a newborn mouth...I've been ready to get out and about.

I've been itching to start working out already-no, really. I gained 26 pounds this time [take that 40 pounds during my first pregnancy!] and still managed to grow a slightly bigger baby and a placenta that I was VERY proud of :]  For some reason I've got this motivation to get out with the stroller [that should be here any day now...tick tock UPS!] and just walk my way back into my pre-maternity clothes. It's such a frustrating stage being too small for your maternity clothes and too chunky for your regular clothes. I've decided that the perfect postpartum gift is a $50 gift cert for new clothes. For real.

I've been very carefully studying the pages of Bleubird [especially Mama Style] and Dear Baby and I've come to the conclusion that button up shirts/dresses are the way to go. Last time with Lily I went for the Old Navy look of unstructured tees and sweaters that all of the cute, skinny as a rail, but I reiterate, adorable mamas out there tend to sport...but that just does not work for women with Salma Hayek-esque features [boobs]. So hopefully when I get a few extra bucks I can get down to Thrift Town and get some hot, old school button ups and a pair of shorts to outfit my body this summer.

Before I go, what post baby work out do you like best? What did you do?
Eamon saw me looking at Stroller Strides last night and said it was a good idea. But when I said I was looking for price information he said "Wait, what?! You pay for that!? No...that's something you just do with friends" So I'm on the hunt for something to do. Who knows, maybe lugging the girls up and down the stairs and pushing them in the stroller for a mile or two a couple of times a week will be enough!

Two horrible web cam pics of before and after [Lily lost our lens that goes on the camera...oy.]

 A few days before the birth

2 weeks pp still lookin about 3 months preggo ;]

Have a great weekend! I think I'll be getting out of the house!


autumn said...

Ugh PP working out is the hardest! I was itching to go when my girl was about three weeks old but when I did I pushed to hard and felt like crap the next few weeks. The best workouts I have found for PP are 30 Day Shred (Jillian Michaels) and doing circuts at the gym (or at home just do cardio-weights-cardio-weights). Just make sure you wait till your body can really take it!

Jessi said...

Good post pregnancy clothes are hard to find! Especially ones you can nurse in. I'm 3 months pp and still can't quite fit into all my pants. I'm hoping by summer.. But about nursing tops, buttons are nice and all but I'm not skilled enough yet to unbutton them quick enough when my little one decides to start wailing in public. I prefer zippers and snaps, which I can't find. So I've been talking to my husband about designing a line of nursing tops and dresses, even if it is just for fun :)

Chelsea said...

you look great having only had a baby 2 weeks ago!

I didn't start running until conrad was 6 months old! Everytime I did something strenuous (working out) my milk production went down!

;) You look awesome!

Mrs.M said...

This has nothing to do with your post--but YAY you're a co-sleeper! I read your comment on UsThreeBirds and was hoping you were :) I know people get fired up about it, but I think its amazing and wonderful :)

Anyway your babies are gorgeous! You're very blessed mama!

Kate said...

I've been doing stroller strides for 2 weeks and can say, it is NOT just something you can do with your friends. The fee includes pay for the instructors and facility fees. It is a hardcore boot camp style workout that you would never be able to get on your own. I thought it was just walking around with your stroller but that is not the case at all. Yes, it is more pricey than other classes or gym membership, but the classes are kept small so it is basically personal training. So for that, it is a great price.
They also have play dates, mommy nights out, and stuff like that.
I'm enjoying it and have never been more sore! :)

gruvyteacher said...

That Norah is a cutie!
I love to walk and pushing a stroller seems to definitely take a little more effort. Not sure where you live but if you ever would like some company for a walk let me know. you can fb me.

Mae Burke said...

I did the 30 Day Shred right before I got pregnant...curious, huh? and really liked it! I was thinking about doing it again, but we live upstairs now, so all of the jumping around might make my neighbors hate me more!!
Kate, I really can't justify paying money for anything right now, so the Stroller Strides will have to wait for another day. BUT I'm glad to hear you're getting good results!
I live in NRH right now, so we usually just walk down to Norwich park :] we did it for the first time this weekend and it was great!