Thursday, April 21, 2011

Three Weeks

This morning we had a play date set with these two loverly ladies.

Last night before bed I packed the park bag, got out the stroller, set out clothes. I was all set to go! After breakfast we cleaned up, lugged everything downstairs, strapped the girls in, took two steps out, and it started raining. Of course. So instead, we stayed home and played :]

These little girls are only 4 days apart. It's been so fun watching them grow. Her little bro is due on the first, so he and Norah will get to be little buds too! Can't wait to meet him ;]

Lots of spit up this week!
We've also had a bit of insomnia the past few days that I'm not particularly happy about.
She's weighing in at about 9 pounds
Her baby acne is FINALLY clearing up
We started cloth diapering!

Lost twenty pounds after the birth, HECK YES!!!
Bleeding is extremely minimal
Hips and low back are still a little soar [posterior babies'll do that to ya!]

Thought it'd be a good idea to try and bite mama's boob since sister was...nooooo....
She's sort of obsessed with Norah's diapers, she HAS to have a clean one on, even if she farts. It's pretty hilarious.
Here's two pics of her at 3 weeks :]

I happen to think they look alike ;]

Hopefully the weather hasn't been as crazy in your area as it has in mine. Tornado sirens off and on, hail, rain, then 90 degrees and muggy...lame!

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