Thursday, June 2, 2011

Nine Weeks

Not too proud of these pictures, but they're pictures none-the-less. One day I will learn not to take pictures in the girl's room. These are just SOOC with the exception of the first.

Nom nom nom.

This is what Lily does when I ask her to take pictures with Norah. Every time.

We're on day 5 of the cleanse...wooo.
I'm sure there is something else I could talk about. But that will have to wait til there isn't a toddler pulling on my hand [is that not THE MOST annoying thing in the world??!?]

Happy Thursday,


Chelsea said...

NINE WEEKS!??!! wow!

(I still think the pictures are precious.)


Jessi said...

I love that picture of her and her dad. You can definitely see her little personality in those pictures! Too cute :)

wonderchris said...

That picture of Lily is hilarious. I hope she warms up to some sibling pics soon. :)

Love all the pics - they are really great!

rachel.lyn said...

WHAT! all of these are beautiful! but i do know what you mean...i felt that way about the pictures in my last blog...haha

love that top photo so so much :)