Monday, June 13, 2011

Our Weekend in Pictures

First of all, this little [gigantic] guy staked out our apartment for like a week...He both delighted and terrorized Lily. It was hilarious.

Thursday we went to "Ziza's" Grandma's to go swimmin with baby friends and mama friends.

Norah just chilled nearby...suckin her fingers :]

And these two babes just chilled like they're SO cool 

Friday morning I got to hang with this hunk

 That afternoon we went to North Euless Main. Food Network says it's the best BBQ in Texas.
 I'd like to think this is how Lily would look circa 1983 ;]

My first rib in 8 years. Damn, it was good. I ate 4.
[Also, about 5 mins after this I gave my card to THE MOST gorgeous pregnant woman ever. Looking like this. So professional.]

 We even let Lily eat some icecream.

Saturday, Norah and I rep'd my photography at the Fort Worth Parenting Extravaganza. It was pretty amazing!

Sunday Eamon made us sushi :] Yesssssss....

Hope you all had a safe, fun start to your summer!


rachel.lyn said...

oh goodness...that picture of those two cuties in their diapers giving each other a big hug...the cutest!

Chelsea said...

your sushi looks so yummy and professional!