Monday, June 20, 2011

Our Weekend in Pictures: Summer

Ever since I was little I've wanted to be the type of mom who would just throw there kids in the car and go do something amazingly fun with them. Friday night, I got to do that. We heard that The Polyphonic Spree was throwing a FREE concert in Dallas. I sorta freaked out [I've always wanted to see them] and insisted that we go. Eamon doesn't handle spontaneity well [well....neither do I, lol] so this was a little much. But since Father's Day is Sunday, our anniversary's Tuesday, and my birthday's in a few weeks...I just couldn't pass it up! I mean, IT'S FREE!
 It was 8. I just got Lily out of the bath and into her pjs. The concert started at 9 [an hour after Lily's bedtime]. We drove over there in 30 mins [there was ZERO traffic] popped the girls and there carriers, and were by far the coolest parents I know ;]

The best picture of Eamon and Lily I could get. I've never shot at night with this camera it was interesting to say the least, lol.

*Melt* Eamon and Lily after the show, waiting for the train to go by...

Norah slept the entire time.

We left at about 10:45 and as soon as Lily got in her carseat, she passed out! She was a little embarrassed to dance in front of everyone, but as soon as she got going, she literally stole the show. No one around us was watching the stage, just our little dancing fool. Love her. Norah however, woke as soon as we got in the car and giggled and coo'd the entire way home. It was a pretty amazing night.

I had a couple of shoots this weekend, so Saturday we took it easy, but Sunday was even easier. Lily and I chilled at the pool since it was overcast/sprinkling and no one else was out.
[I only edited one of these, I just liked them how they were SOOC]

This pic makes me wanna cut Lily's hair really short...she has the head for it ;]

Dollar store bubbles. Best dollar I ever spent.

While we were waiting for the weather to clear up a little bit, Lily's floatie blew into the pool. Can you tell how concerned she is?


"No, we have to wait for it to stop raining."

Ok, ok, ok...You can't really tell. But this is the funniest thing-EVER. Lily blows on her food. She watched me blow the bubbles too. So she picks up the wand, gets it nice and soapy...and starts spitting like the tazmainian devil!!! I don't know where she got this, or why she won't do it right, but I laughed so hard I couldn't breath!

"Baby, I think it's time to come in..."

*Face Palm* "No inside!!! Poooooooool!"
Drama queen.

And for lunch today, Father's Day, I made the best dang sandwiches I've ever had in my life.


rachel.lyn said...

that sandwich is making me drool...even at 7:30 in the morning.

that little girl of yours is so beautiful. olivia has started doing that dramatic pout thing too. if i tell her no about something she will literally run to the nearest thing (couch, chair, table, wall) to lean her head on and say "noooo...! my mama said noooooooo.......*sob*sob*" it must be awful being two years old. life is so hard! hahaha

Chelsea said...

that concert looks so fun! Love that pic of emon and lilly! that's one for the wall. Way to be spontaneous!

sandwich, yum!