Saturday, April 17, 2010

Confession and a Surprise.

Well, guess I should come clean.
I haven't worked out in two weeks. Blegh.

For some reason I can't do the whole "cook 21 meals a week, soak grains, do all the clean up that goes with that, walk the dog, nurse the baby, keep up with my small business" AND work out for the sexy 20 year old body I'm supposed to have. GO freakin figure.

So, I'm starting over.
Size: 14 is too big, 12 gives me muffin top [pick your jaw up off the floor now...:| ]
Weight: 181 [HOW I GAINED weight? I don't even know...]
Waist: [at it's smallest part] 34 inches
Muffin: 42 mutha lovin inches...blugh.
Chest: [in nursing tank] 40 inches

If we move to Rockport, I will be at the beach a lot. If I thought I was self conscious in high school...shiver...Let's see if I can get this eating AND exercising thing down. Starting tomorrow morning...I think my whole family would appreciate me loosing the weight. Then maybe we could work on some siblings for Lily ;]

SO, BYE BYE Monster Rolls. You will NOT be missed.

Now that is out of the way...sorta.
I have some EXCITING news. But...I think I'm gonna wait, now that I think about it. HA!

Hope you're having an awesome weekend